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  1. Anybody reading this, we got off on the wrong foot. Allow me to start over FRESH. Agree?

  2. New GT : Saltem. Means "Triggers" in Latin.

  3. Affuriousity

    Need some advice.

    Tips on how to get Endorsements.
  4. Try Again or Leave is thou Question?

  5. farewell.

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    2. Affuriousity


      yeah, everybody hates me for some reason.

    3. Papabear


      the fuck?? lame

    4. Affuriousity


      just kidding, I don't think I tried hard enough.

  6. Affuriousity

    Xploh's vVv Application

    Welcome & Good Luck.
  7. Affuriousity

    Affuriousity's vVv Application (2nd submit)

    Matter, I'm trying. My pic will be uploaded soon.
  8. I like Dead Silence. N3ptune this is great!
  9. Affuriousity

    Affuriousity's vVv Application (2nd submit)

    Updated my Application. As days go by I will be updating my application as far.
  10. Affuriousity

    SucculentSpoon vVv application

    you are the man!
  11. Affuriousity

    MrChavo- Application

    Welcome Mr Chavo! Good luck!
  12. Affuriousity

    Application Demersed

    Best of luck to you man & welcome.
  13. Affuriousity

    Black Ops 2 Community Application

    Welcome to the vVv Forums & Best of luck to you on your Application process.
  14. Affuriousity

    Fariko Kronics 3rd APPLICATION

    Good luck as 3rd times the charm.