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  1. Soooooooo time for me to go I think, stuck with it for awhile, but can't really see vVv going in the direction I'd like to see it go, and I no longer have the "passion" to help push it that way (given I havn't had that passion for awhile). I'll still be around to play games and stuff, just don't feel the need to have the tag anymore as it means nothing now. Not going to make a long post about it but wish you guys luck and I'll see some of you around, KBAI!
  2. JayC

    Not playing games as much as I used to.

    Its cuz ur old pherz, we all know why.
  3. JayC

    Frustrations with League

    it should to be honest seeing as i play support, but i guess i dont really play support often anymore
  4. JayC

    Frustrations with League

    Apparently I need to get more assists....um bitch please, all the kills are mine.
  5. JayC

    Frustrations with League

    To be fair, my advice was the shortest and most obvious solution to this issue.
  6. JayC

    Frustrations with League

    I mean...you could just not die early....
  7. JayC

    Competitive play

    I need to start playing again, i may be interested once i get into it again
  8. Ahryse and I are planning to play it.
  9. JayC

    Voison's HotS application

    Kenny....hard work.....LOLOL jkiloveu
  10. JayC

    Voison's HotS application

    oh god no
  11. JayC

    Post your Battle.net ID!