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    Tyree Thai
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    Vancouver Bc.
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    CrossFire , CounterStrike.Go
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    Competitive Gaming.
  1. ItzQwerty

    Undaunted Application, Crossfire

    PLay Offs We gots this
  2. ItzQwerty


    u mean JANO and JAN0 lol
  3. ItzQwerty


    Hey are Subs aloud to come along?
  4. ItzQwerty

    Undaunted Application, Crossfire

    NIce lil Lesson there i had to turn my sound up really high though, to hear him. But besides that its all good
  5. ItzQwerty

    Games that you regret playing

    Soldier Front.. Game play is horrible dont know how i was able to play it back then. But has the best MAPS of all time!
  6. ItzQwerty


    Cant wait for our next match
  7. I would love it if vVv Picked up CF and i would love to help out
  8. ItzQwerty

    Guess whos going to Italy!

    Have fun
  9. ItzQwerty

    vVv Crossfire Dafts Sign Up List

    Lets hope all goes well!
  10. ItzQwerty

    Cyanides App

    Good luck
  11. ItzQwerty

    Crossfire Mumble Pub Night #2 !

    Hey , ZZ will he have a Friday night get together thing again? because we have our match...
  12. ItzQwerty


    80% of the us... o.O? Intresting.... lol
  13. ItzQwerty

    Crossfire Mumble Pub Night #2 !

    Hope to see you this coming Friday