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  1. Lamorak

    hi am Arallius

    Welcome NavySeals.1639!
  2. Lamorak

    Hey party lovers!

    Hey Karnov.5146, thanks for signing up on the forums!
  3. Lamorak

    Screenshot Contest - Win Gold!

    Just me and Cynical. Catching some wind.
  4. Lamorak


    That's ok! We're making a big push towards running more events, fractals, catch-up missions and such as a guild at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern (2 hours before reset). Saturday and Sunday probably have more available people to do this kind of thing.
  5. Lamorak

    Guild Wars 2 Calendar of Events

    You can find our Calendar of Events here or click calendar at the top and switch from Community Calendar to GW2. We will post all of our upcoming events, guild missions, and guild meetings here. Feel free to subscribe to it (link at the bottom) to receive notifications of new events.
  6. Lamorak

    Grey Coat / Asura BigFoot

    Welcome Asura Bigfoot! Thanks for posting on the forums
  7. Lamorak

    Oh hi! New to the guild

    Welcome Rats! Join us on mumble!
  8. Lamorak

    New to the Guild

    Welcome to the forums Cigolon! Join us on mumble!
  9. Lamorak

    Hello from Cohas

    Welcome Cohas! See you in game!
  10. Lamorak

    New to the guild Pile of Meat

    Welcome Mike! Are you by chance Dirty Mike.4861? Either way, see you in mumble!
  11. Lamorak

    What up

    Welcome to the forums Sigh.3927! See ya on mumble!
  12. Lamorak

    Kaenia Rekkrsdottir, new to vVv

    Welcome Kaenia! Join us on mumble.
  13. Lamorak

    This is an introduction

    Welcome to the community DarkFyre!
  14. Lamorak

    Introduction because why not

    Glad to see you here MaxNeverDie.6981, join us on mumble!