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  1. A fix is being worked on to boot the AFK players, but for now the rolling restarts will be used to kick em.
  2. Newly launched MMO, lots of people are trying to get it, and FPS is not part of server issue. Sure, go back to the MMO that has been established for many years. There are a lot of people and this will pass soon once the hype dies down. No, it doesn't work like this. You increase server size and you have worse server stability issues. All in all, this is being worked on. No need to make assumptions on what would fix it because you will be wrong a good % of the time. Things are being worked on, just know that. Look into this in about a week and hopefully it should be dying down, if not, then that means AA is doing great and it will be addressed from there more than likely.
  3. Tr4nce

    Beat the queue!

    big reason for the high queues is stuff like this. The AFK timer will be changing soon though.
  4. If it was as easy as "Raise amount of people that can be on one server" then that would have been done, but it doesn't work like that. New servers will be up soon, and hopefully that will funnel players to them. Problem is, Kyrios is so huge because of all the Streamers being on it as well.
  5. You can have multiple houses in the same area, but Taxes will increase like crazy. Moooore than likely people won't be able to afford it for a little while(kinda). Don't believe we capped it.
  6. No actually. I was in vVv before, but now I'm in QA as well instead of shitbag CS ilu Sugar
  7. ;_; always forget about Tr4nce. Gratz btw guys!
  8. Yesssss, make my company grooow! In all seriousness though, ArcheAge is crazy amounts of fun, especially when you're with your friends. Can't wait until we get more players in!
  9. So this will probably be a mount that you will have to purchase with money, but the sprint makes it sooooo worth it. http://i.imgur.com/w2rt6Ac.gif Have some more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sQ_K4qWCLU
  10. Tr4nce

    Getting into beta

    Yeah, there will be multiple servers.
  11. Tr4nce

    Getting into beta

    You'll be waiting until some time in June(maaaaaaaybe) Also, Beta/Alpha Servers will be separate
  12. Tr4nce

    Getting into beta

    Yeah, $150, but you get $75 worth of in game credits on launch, along with 90 days of patron time. You can have a whole year of patron time with that, along with the other crap that comes with it.
  13. I don't believe some of that stuff is active yet, but not 100%. Soon you will see more get in....soooooon
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