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  1. I meant after he got his powers back and fought Gingo, or are they just airing the old episodes again?
  2. They restarted Bleach, is the arch when he is getting back his powers?
  3. Would be interesting, depends on what the limits are though.
  4. Krewel

    PC or Console

    It has been deepening on the mood really, right now some console between HALO 5, Destiny, some SMITE and also on the PC side been playing a little WOW off and on and some Diablo III HC mode. Just floating between systems for the most part.
  5. I can still be on mumble whether on PS4, XBone or computer.
  6. I may jump on this considering I just got a PS4
  7. I been playing a Gladiator 10, Marauder 19, Conj 10 I will probably be going Pally tank in the future. I am currently on the Faerie server. Really just started out and it hasn't been to bad, its given me a break from Destiny until the Taken King is released. The graphics are great and for the most part enjoying the game. IGN: Krewel Lye or Rory Mercury Data center and server: Faerie Lvl and i lvl: Gladiator 10, Marauder 19, Conj 10 Main Function (Tank, Dps, Healer): Pally tank
  8. Nice, it's been talked about in the past and it's great that it has finally been implemented! This is a great way to keep the community together instead of being under separate XBone titles.
  9. and remember Objectives, Objectives Objectives!!! Get those merc camps!!!! That's the one things that people tend to forget, you can't just bum rush in. Get the objectives and if you can't get 100% of the objective get the most you can and hit those merc camps they help a lot and people underestimate them. Some teams just get tunnel focused on the main objective, and forget about the smaller ones that can add up quickly.
  10. Yea it looks pretty good and with 35 maps being released for it through out the year I am pretty excited about ti. I hope it goes better then the Masters Chief edition launch.
  11. "She's dead, Jim"-Dr. Leonard McCoy

  12. 90 Degrees sunny and stuck at the office today....

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