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    Cooking, Motorcycle (Have a Yamaha FZ6R), Gaming of course, old school RPG games,Manga, Play the Bass Guitar, photography and video editing on a whim

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  1. "She's dead, Jim"-Dr. Leonard McCoy

  2. 90 Degrees sunny and stuck at the office today....

  3. Playing a TON of Destiny, Lets get up to 26 and start the 6 man raids!!!

    1. Krewel


      Still playing Destiny,, House of Wolves update brought some new life to it Looking forward to getting beat down in Trials Of Osiris this weekend...

  4. Krewel

    Fail to live a normal life

    "Contrary to popular belief, your life is already laid out for you from the moment you were born" I myself do not believe in this statement. I do not believe that each one of us has predetermined fate, that we are set into a molded outcome. Our cultural and environmental upbringing has a strong influence to help us make decisions however, the ultimate responsibilities I believe comes from us and the actions and decisions that we make. If you are a firm believer in the Christianity faith according to PSALM 139:16 " Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, everyone one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them." It can be interpreted that our fates are already written, but if they were what is the point of having free will to make decisions if our decisions have already been determined? You expressed that during your 20's you felt as though they were a huge waste of time, and only recently you started to find your passion and purpose. Why did you feel that your 20's were a waste of time was it simply because you pursued your IT degree and you chose not to pursue a career trying to attain the status as a professional gamer? The gaming industry needs the IT personal to make it work this could of been used to gain that foothold on gaming industry and go from there. Things are what we make of it, we choose to follow the paths we are on, often they intertwine with each other there is that chance for a do over to take advantage of and do that opportunity you missed, the question is do you take it or continue the one you are on? We all have our innate talents mine I believe cooking, out of high school I had a full ride scholarship to the New England Culinary institute however, I never went instead I chose to honor my father and join the Navy. It was a choice that I made, do I regret making that decision no, were my talents maybe squandered possibly however, I still enjoy cooking and do most of it at the house and even cater for my friends. Will the opportunity come up again for me to have my "do over" would I choose it this time around, possibly and if it doesn't it doesn't. We are who we are for a reason, a combination of our culture, past experiences, the environment we live in, the friends we keep whether or not we choose it up to us also. Our fates are what we make of it and not something that was predetermined for us, We learn as we go and we grow from what we learn, And if we come out of life not knowing then our lives have been wasted.
  5. The one thing that makes Titanfall such a good game to play is how fluid everything is, (at least from my experience on the computer) it’s fairly fast paced but it’s not a "jerky" shooter either. The closest game that I can compare this to that I really enjoyed as a FPS is Unreal Tournament to me the feel is similar the movement is solid and everything just seems to go, you don’t have a jerky and twitchy feel to your movement like COD, Battlefield and some of the other FPS that I have experienced. Also everyone matters, As a pilot you can take down a Titan without being in your Titan so it still gives you a feeling of purpose other than just trying to get into a Mech to take something down. There is alot more diversity in how to strategize your point taking for example you and your titan on autopilot at a capture point can defend it fairly well while your teammates take other areas of the map. The Maps have a good design and feel to it, and from my observation so far there are no real "Camp" spots where u can stay all day and snipe people effortlessly. There is always constant movement in the game so the pace dont get stale to me its a It's a nice change of pace and after at least 6 months of tweaking and adjusting and getting a private match making system put into place I think that this would become a good entery into esports.
  6. If the employees of the government get reimbursed pay for their "time off" and were receiving unemployment then they have to pay whatever unemployment that they earned back. Also there were different statuses for example I am contracted for 58hrs a week and right now I cannot exceed 32 hours a week since this whole debacle began back in April/May which was a brutal hit, even now I am still limited under that restraint, I had to use all my vacation time sick time to make a 40hr week and that did not last very long and none of it will be reimbursed to me. Members Congress and the Senate feel no financial pressure from this because they still get there pay even though the “Government” is shut down which is the “Salt in the wound” about this whole process and the sad thing is most of these people will get re-elected back into their office which shows the lack of understand for the majority of the population in the US. Things really do need to change especially the terms of service each member can serve in the senate and congress it should not be an as many times as I get re-elected career… anyhow just my rant and 2 cents
  7. So over the last month or so I have been spending a good amount of time “tinkering” between League of Legends, Dota 2 and Infinity Crisis. I have never held a strong passion for these types of games although I have kept up reading about them I just never felt the urge to play them until I saw Infinity Crisis was coming out. I have always loved comic books and am just a diehard fan of them. With the DOTA, HON, LOL and the majority of MMO’s I have been playing I was just burnt out on that fantasy genre. Another factor that led me more into playing this style of game was well the vVv community, it propelled me to try it out , to get out of my niche and look at other sorts of the games other then the MMO/RPG games that I normally play. To give you a brief experience of my MOBA history I was not a huge fan, it made me feel as though I was playing a browser game. I tried DOTA about a year or so after it came out. I somewhat enjoyed the game but after about a week or 2 my interest waned on it. Some of the factors that drew me away from this game were the art style and the other had to do with I felt it was very repetitive similar to Whack a Mole there was only one map and to me it just felt redundant, so I ditched that game and went back playing mmo’s and RTS’s. Sometime later while I was working out of town I was at a internet café in San Diego I saw some people playing League of Legends (At first I thought it was just an upgraded version of DOTA) it looked interesting enough to give the MOBA style game another try so I tried that for about a week or two and then my interest in that dropped it was the same reasons as DOTA to me it felt like a browser game and the mapping and everything was the same so back to the MMO’s. At the time I was not sure what I thought it would be like I was hoping or expecting that there would have been a little more involved then farming minions and getting gold for equipment. I really enjoyed the RTS games and though it would have been more of a cross-over between a RTS /RPG/MMO style gaming and because of my lack of understanding on the MOBA at the time I held a different view of it. To me it felt to simplistic and it was made more towards the younger pre-teen or teenage kids, so I really never bothered with it and somehow developed a sense of contempt for that style of gaming. Now League of Legends has been played in my house for about 3 years, my eldest son (some of you know him as hahafunnyjokes )has dedicated a good amount of time to it enough to have had 2 level 30 accounts and another account that was around 20ish, As I watched him play I could still never get the feel for it. For some reason it really just bugged the hell out of me because “watching” the game play just seemed like it was dumb down and a waste of time, it may have been because of how I was used to the.. “WOW” style of PVP where you could gain your armor sets and you had a single character to evolve. With the MOBA style it just seemed like you did everything for nothing, all you had to show for it was ranking but all your characters were “static” (which still bugs the crap out of me.) and the look never changed well with League of Legends however, DOTA 2 seems to have a bit more promise and suppose I will get to that in another entry because this just seems to be getting long..
  8. Krewel

    New PC Build

    The cost may have dropped last I looked at the 660 series, but even the lower end workstation cards that dont seem to have the "horsepower" compared to a gaming/desktop card actually do its just the way the drivers are and architecture of the card are set up. I have been using Auto CAD with the 3D rendering and it just doesnt seem to like the desktop cards much. Here was an intreasting article that I found awhile back also http://blog.miragestudio7.com/building-a-computer-for-3d-rendering/638/ although you may have already seen this. Anyhow like I mentioned earlier its a pretty solid system.
  9. Krewel

    New PC Build

    The 48G of ram seems a bit excessive (even with graphic rendering) and with the gaming cards you they dont benefit your modeling programs. For my 2 cents I would have a seperate system for that to get the better performance. If you can go with a gaming rig with the I5-3570 (4.6GHZ OC'd with water cooling) and throw the I7 into a more streamline machine for your graphic processing use the 2x Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 graphics cards for gaming and maybe something like this for your graphic processing ATI 100-505682 FirePro V5800 and split the memory between the two with the drives. I dunno just a though heh. but it is pretty impressive overall.