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  1. Protecall

    COD ADL Beta Feedback

    One thing that can be improved is the fact of captains are the same for draft 1 and 2 . The new captains need to be picked from the priority to keep the top players from just stacking stats when playing the second round. a few have talked and agreed that a fresh set of captains would help even out the playing field.
  2. Protecall

    Fuck You Thread

    Not gonna like fuck you cause thats a good one
  3. Protecall

    Fuck You Thread

    Fuck you for thinking i would want a friend like you
  4. Protecall

    Fuck You Thread

    Fuck you for acting like pretzl trying to flirt with girls over the internet Fuck you for probably voting for obama and obama care .
  5. Protecall

    Fuck You Thread

    Fuck you for being inspirational
  6. Protecall

    Fuck You Thread

    Fuck Pretzl and his thirsty ass cant get a girlfriend so he has to chase exs and Egirls that are apart of Orgs and run off Female streamers becuase no girls in real life want to talk to his snowflake ass. Fuck pretzl for bieng a coward about what everyone knows he did. Fuck pretzl for bieng a bitch and not saying things to peoples faces. Fuck you for talking about shit you don't know Hillbillys live further east hence "Hill" billy , Rednecks live in texas . Fuck your mom for popping out retards like you .
  7. Protecall

    Fuck You Thread

    Fuck you Texas is the best state in the fucking union. Fuck you flashlight looking motherfucker Sacred fuck you for breathing and wasting air . Fuck you for being stupid and not even knowing it , Fuck you cause you will work for min wage the rest of your life.
  8. Protecall

    Fuck You Thread

    B easy fuck you cause i dont read your stupid ass posts in skype .
  9. Protecall

    Fuck You Thread

    Fuck you for being a little pussy and cant take shit . Fuck you for paying for your gun skill. Fuck you sacred does your ass get jealous because of all the shit that comes out of your mouth . fuck you looking like you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down . Fuck you and shut your damn dick holster i hope you get fucked by an unlubricated pineapple, Deadaim fuck you cause you have no fucking aim
  10. Protecall

    Fuck You Thread

    Fuck you Sacred and Phyrme for acting like your the shit while in reality your still suck on your moms titty milk . Fuck you for suspending me from a CDL because you cant pull the stick out of your ass next to your head about someone and hop off their dick. Fuck you for calling me immature when you talk shit on twitter , B easy fuck you and your " I wanna be a steve-o look alike profile picture " Fuck the CDL because it favors "The better players" when everyone in the CDL sucks ass at CoD . And fuck you b easy for acting like a total prick in general towards everyone , Fuck the CoD division until it gets dropped because yall have to much damn drama and too many retards trying to act like they run things and their opinions matter .
  11. For those of you on the fence or deciding weather they should let their app get closed or work hard to get into the community . For those who have earned their V's or not how has this community helped you? Me personally it has taught me a lot about professionalism and helped me grow up. I'm not a member but I have hung out with the community enough its impacted me in a good way . definitely a solid well rounded community. With lots of potential on top of a the success they have achieved. Its not for everyone perhaps but somewhere in vVv Theres a spot for you.
  12. Protecall

    What gets you pumped?

    What gets you pumped to play CoD? What gives you the drive to get better and just kick butt in the game ? ( on Lan or at a tournament ) on the side Any Suggestions for a commentary topic yall wanna hear me talk about , New video hopefully coming soon .
  13. Protecall


    Thanks B easy , yeah doubt i would qualify for Champs but gonna start grinding for Anaheim
  14. Protecall


    Well Its about that time . Looking for people to start grinding with for Anaheim . I'm just looking for people that are willing to get on and play . Not just Win but consistently get better and win against good teams. Be able to travel off the start and an Xbox One is a plus. If your going drop a comment down below looking into putting a project together , If I can get a team together to practice and can show sponsor we will produce results then might have some things paid for but don't try to team just for a free stuff. looking for 2-3
  15. Protecall

    Weekend 8's

    I'll be there