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  1. One thing that can be improved is the fact of captains are the same for draft 1 and 2 . The new captains need to be picked from the priority to keep the top players from just stacking stats when playing the second round. a few have talked and agreed that a fresh set of captains would help even out the playing field.
  2. For those of you on the fence or deciding weather they should let their app get closed or work hard to get into the community . For those who have earned their V's or not how has this community helped you? Me personally it has taught me a lot about professionalism and helped me grow up. I'm not a member but I have hung out with the community enough its impacted me in a good way . definitely a solid well rounded community. With lots of potential on top of a the success they have achieved. Its not for everyone perhaps but somewhere in vVv Theres a spot for you.
  3. What gets you pumped to play CoD? What gives you the drive to get better and just kick butt in the game ? ( on Lan or at a tournament ) on the side Any Suggestions for a commentary topic yall wanna hear me talk about , New video hopefully coming soon .
  4. Thanks B easy , yeah doubt i would qualify for Champs but gonna start grinding for Anaheim
  5. Well Its about that time . Looking for people to start grinding with for Anaheim . I'm just looking for people that are willing to get on and play . Not just Win but consistently get better and win against good teams. Be able to travel off the start and an Xbox One is a plus. If your going drop a comment down below looking into putting a project together , If I can get a team together to practice and can show sponsor we will produce results then might have some things paid for but don't try to team just for a free stuff. looking for 2-3
  6. Fuck you cause why not? Fuck you I was bored
  7. I personally believe Theres a god . I dont believe in cramming religion down ones throat. Vise versa . I honestly dont know enough bible verses to argue your statement and I wouldnt if I did. I think a lot of Christians are hypocrytes tho . but to each their own. Well said IMO exodus
  8. They didnt seem to help me just annoy the heck out of me
  9. Fuck you ex (vVv) Coach you inbred hillbilly fuck , Fuck you coach for getting my app closed when It was you saying shit , Fuck you coach and every breath of oxygen you take out of the atmosphere that just goes to waste. Fuck you coach for not even being a coach .Fuck you coach for not using a condom and now we gotta deal another piece of shit like you on this earth . Fuck you coach for being fucking coach . Fuck you coach for thinking your all that and a bag of potato chips . Fuck you coach for being a stupid cracker without the salt cause fuck you . Fuck you coach for sucking at call of duty and bitching at me when I used a crossbow. Fuck you coach and your high horse . fuck you coach you over religious anti gay hypocritical fuck face. Fuck you coach for kicking me out of 8's when I cross bowed your sorry ass. Fuck you coach for reproducing . Fuck you coach for being a scrub and leaving your bio as "vVv CoD manager 6 months after you were kicked out . Nobody liked you anyways move on . Fuck you people who didnt believe me . And Buzz fuck you , well cause your SwagMaster Buzz
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