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  1. TapOrSnap

    Meat and Potatoes #3

    Going to be on Mental Endurance and how we talk about "going hard" in video games but don't in the gym because it's too hard. Going to try something new soon though.
  2. TapOrSnap

    Meat and Potatoes #3

    Meat and Potatoes #3 Oh vVv, It’s been awhile. Lots of school stuff came up, army stuff, life stuff blah blah blah. Let’s chat. Some of you may have read the other blogs I did about fitness and this one is going to be all about falling off the wagon. It happens. You screw up, you feel bad, life kicks you in the teemo and you’re all down and out. You’re not out of the game. You’re in fact just at the point where it matters most. I’ll use myself as an example. Recently I’ve gained like 15 pounds just from being lazy, so much weight in fact that I failed height and weight for the Army. They give you one month to “fix your shit” or you start getting into serious trouble. I’m not talking getting yelled at, I’m talking all benefits of being in the military revoked. Going to school that’s paid for by the military and then getting all that taken away is no Bueno. So I had a challenge and I was going to see it through. I busted my ass and lost 19 pounds in 30 something days. Not healthy but it was a challenge and I accomplished it. Since then though I went back to eating awful, got sick so I couldn’t work out and excuses upon excuses kept showing up. I’ve gained all that weight back and overall things are getting pretty stressful again. Yet here I am at a crappy spot and all I want to do is talk it out, get healthy and get back into the gym and lose all this crappy weight. I want you guys to know you can do all this too, I’m not special and I’m not better than anyone. If you’re feeling like you just cannot get your head above water for whatever reason PM me and I’ll chat you up about whatever the hell you want to talk about. Considering how long it’s been since my last blog post I want to talk about three quick things to help you get back on track. 1.) Don’t wait for everything to fall into place to start exercising. If you’re waiting for everything to be perfect before you start doing something you’ll never begin. Maybe your foot will hurt that day, your goldfish needs to be fed or you’re 10 points from your promo games in league. You can, and will, find an excuse that things aren’t perfectly ready for you to begin this project. Quit the waiting and just go out and do it once. After you knock one out the next one will be that much easier. -Put your workout clothes on no matter how bad you don’t want to go to the gym. Once you put those clothes/shoes on that your mind knows is for working out and sweating you’re much more prone to go to the gym. -Eat breakfast. Wake up, look out your window, get out of bed and cook your breakfast. When you’re done eating get ready for your day. You’ll feel like you’ve already accomplished something and breakfast is definitely useful for your day. 2.) Find a challenge for yourself that you’re passionate about and look at it every day. -I just recently found out how incredibly long an ironman triathlon is. How only so many people each year actually finish these events and me being competitive sees that exclusivity as a huge challenge. 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run. GGWP, I started swimming the week after I was watching youtube videos and I’m ready to continue working on each of these when I can breathe again (being sick blows, stretch out if you can). 3.) Find someone who shares your interest or goal and talk to them. -Surrounding yourself with negativity is, in my opinion, the number one killer of motivation. My roommate does nothing but whine and cry about how HARD exercise is. That starts to irk me, maybe I even start to believe it’s hard and THEIR insecurity and negativity start making ME feel bad with them. Don’t let it happen to you. Surround yourself with people that can help you along your path. You joined vVv to be part of a gaming community that prides itself on making better gamers. You’ve already done this once, you can do it in your fitness life as well. As always, if anyone wants to chat just send me a PM and if I can’t find the answer I’ll find someone who can. Take it Easy vVv, TapOrSnap P.S. I have no idea what's going on with the formatting issues but I'll find out and fix it asap. Sorry for the wall of text :x
  3. TapOrSnap

    Meat and Potatoes #2

    Meat and Potatoes #2: Stress Hey guys, It’s Tap again. A week late with this M&P’s because of finals so I figure this weeks will be on priorities and stress relief. I’ve currently come under quite a bit of stress with regular life, a death of a friend, family holiday events and all the extra stress that comes with end of semester in college. This wore on me and instead of letting it take over I gave myself a day to relax and “catch up” on my ME time. That day I can break down into three major things I did to keep sane and regulate myself back into a motivational mindset. First, I broke all my regular scheduling rules. Second, I consciously relaxed. Finally, I let the small things go. With all these things happening at once and consciously, I feel refreshed and relaxed and ready to take on the day. Break ALL the rules! You’re taking this day to gather yourself. Don’t worry about when you wake up or when you’re going to eat. You want today to be about semi-controlled chaos. You want very few things necessary to happen. The conscious relaxation and to let go of the small things and the things out of your control are the only things you need to worry about. Do whatever makes you happy, be incredibly selfish. Today is all about you big cat, make it yours. Those stressors that are around you’re worried about will be there tomorrow. Let them stay there for now. You want to make sure you’re not doing your regular routine and breaking all your rules. Wake up late (preferably on a weekend or day off, obviously) and get out of bed incredibly slow. Usually make a healthy breakfast fit for a health nut? Make pancakes. Today is your day to do with what you want. Break up your routine and make sure it’s about you today. That breaks up your rigid schedule you may have for yourself and lets you go with the flow. Once you’ve broken your routine and broke all your rules for the day we can start your relaxation! WOO! Know you’re relaxing When you do whatever it is you do to relax do it with your mind closed to everything but where you are. Whether your relaxation is reading a book, taking a bubble bath, running, yoga or whatever it is, make sure you know why you’re doing it. Don’t think about taxes, rent, school, work, holidays, life or anything else. They’ll be waiting for you tomorrow. Today just be present and in the moment. Please oh please, if you get frustrated at losing don’t play video games today. They’ll be there later. This is all about relaxing wholeheartedly and completely. Stay away from all those stressors no matter how small. This is about keeping your mind all about the sensation of relaxation. Don’t sweat the small stuff Those tiny things that are just on your mind that add stress to your life aren’t useful. They just give your mind more things to worry about. Don’t let them bother you and one of my favorite techniques to get rid of the tiny stuff is to draw a hot bath or a hot shower and plug the drain. While you sit there think hard about all those tiny little stressors you’ve held onto. After about twenty minutes think about all those things being released into the water, unplug the drain and watch them all go away. Take a day for yourself guys, relax, get your mind going in the right direction again. Let go of things you can’t control or tiny things and finally get ready for the next day when you get back into it. It’s tough during the Holiday season with everything going on and so many things to do but just realize that you made it through many others and you’ll continue making it through the rest of them. Real Talk: Holidays are incredibly stressful. If you need to chat with someone about things going on in your life please let me know. I’ve lost entirely too many people to issues that could have been prevented. Send me a message or email me or anything and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If you’re uncomfortable about the subject to talk to me, MESSAGE ME ANYWAY. I’ll find someone who can talk to you about it in a more comfortable setting. Do not think that asking for help is what weak people do. I’d rather have more people to play games with than once less because they couldn’t talk to someone. Game on everyone! Take it easy!
  4. TapOrSnap

    Meat and Potatoes #1

    Hey vVv, I know there’s a lot of stigma throughout the gaming world that anyone who is a gamer is an out of shape, disgusting, pasty white slob. I can speak from experience that just inside vVv that is definitely not the case and if anyone has watched streams of pro players there are very few who could be lumped into that category. Most gaming houses have a schedule for daily exercise of some sort to keep the mind fresh and the body ready to go. For my first fitness blog I’d like to introduce myself, where I come from, why you should (hopefully) listen and contribute to the weekly fitness debate and finally why you should seriously consider adding fitness into your regimen. We can all learn from each other but I’m hoping to facilitate the change in wellness we can all use. Who I Am: My name is Don, most will know me as vVv TapOrSnap. I’m in the Army National Guard and I’ve been deployed to Afghanistan. I’ve trained for a year and a half with the best of the best amateur fighters in Southern Minnesota, most of them are now pro fighters making names for themselves. I’ve been through grueling workout sessions more times than I’d care to remember. I plan on learning as much if not more from you guys as you, hopefully, will learn from me. What I’m Doing: The bread and butter and reasoning of my blogs is that I have a great passion for leaving people a little bit better than they were before they met me. Hopefully this turns into a vVv that has every team and every member a healthy and fit group of gamers that can all live a long and happy life to pass it on to your friends. At the very least after each week I hope to leave you with a new train of thought to consider in your daily lives. Meat and Potatoes #1 As for this first blog I’d like to talk about Attitude. Attitude is one of the single greatest barriers to most all diets and exercise schedules. “Oh, I can do it tomorrow.” “Well, I don’t want to do it alone.” “The gym is smelly and I’ll look out of place.” You’re right. It’s not fun, especially when you’re already out of shape. It’s a terrible atrocious process that hurts your body and bruises your ego. You can make it through the hard days. Suck it up. One of the biggest gamers have to deal with in any game, casually or competitively, is defeat. As I’m writing this I’m watching vVv take on Team Coast in League of Legends NACL. They just surrendered with a 15k gold deficit. Will LordJerith see this one game and completely disband vVv. Take away their birthdays? No. What we as an organization expect is for everyone to get better. If you can’t deal with a little defeat you’ve already lost. What vVv as an organization is is a community that fosters competition and competitive attitude. If you haven’t checked out the Hall of Fame for vVv go do it right now. I’ll wait… Time in. All those accolades didn’t come from the person quitting after one loss. We should all want to add to that hall of fame in some way. Whether it be being there to cheer the teams on while they play their hearts out at huge tournaments or making the community the best possible place to be in E-sports. We can all contribute. The attitude necessary to produce a championship caliber team, to make our community the best place to be in E-sports in general is the same attitude it takes to be successful with your fitness. I use multiple different ways to push myself through hard days and hard workouts. The main three big areas I get my mental attitude to pursue anything are betting, competition and friends and family. Betting: Whether you bet yourself or others there’s usually something at risk. It could be Pride, money, having to wear a stupid monkey costume in a community video with bananas hanging from your chest. I often find myself on the treadmill within a half mile of finishing my run and thinking “I bet you can’t do another half mile an hour faster until it’s over.” Or “2 mile run? Make it 2.1 and we’ll talk.” Adding little stipulations to your life and workouts makes everything that much better when you finish it. Kick it up to the next level. You and your friend packing some extra weight? See who can lose more in the next month, in a healthy manner of course. Whoever loses has to buy the other person a nice meal or get their multivitamin for the next month. Don’t have the energy to go to the gym? Take that friend and everyone puts a quarter in a jar and the first person to miss a scheduled day at the gym gives the jar over to the other person. When money is on the line people will work for things harder. *Disclaimer: Kids, don’t gamble. Just don’t do it. Kthx.* Competition: As this is by far the most common way people get motivated I’ll keep it short and sweet. Gaming you compete all the time. Every game you play you’re competing against the other team or even against yourself to beat an old score. Translate that into a better wellness and fitness lifestyle. Compete with your friend to see who can eat healthy foods longer. Did your friend run half a mile today and you did nothing? It looks like they’re in the lead skippy, buck up and lace on those shoes. To fully commit to a change of habit sometimes we need that little imp across from us sticking out their tongue and laughing at us. Shut it up by becoming the best you that you can possibly be. Make it cringe for fear that whatever it can throw in your face to taunt you, you can throw back 10x the amount and laugh while you’re doing it. Friends and Family: One of the things we often forget about while we think about health and fitness is the effect on our families and our friends. Keep it in the back of your mind that your family and friends want you to succeed. vVv is a major group of friends and if you’re included in it I personally want you to succeed in whatever you want to do with your life. So use the motivation to live long enough to piss all your enemies off and keep your family or friends laughing right along with you. Conclusion: I appreciate your time everyone and hope to be able to do many more things like this in the future and if I can help one person figure something out it’ll be worth it. My plan is to each week post a discussion blog about something fitness related that gamers can use in their everyday lives to pursue a healthy lifestyle so we can all game hard for many years to come. BelievVve it!