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  1. Welcome to the amazing forums of vVv, good sir. I hope enjoy them as much as they enjoy having you.
  2. Will definitely purchase! Placed a reminder in the calendar on my phone.
  3. iMeebo

    Halo 4 team

    I'm not too good, but I'd be interested if possible!
  4. Nice! Great post! Keep it up Mr. Intel Man.
  5. iMeebo


    Welcome to the forums and the best community in eSports. I anticipate that you'll have a great time here.
  6. I believe marijuana can act as a gateway drug. However, it doesn't apply to everyone. I feel that the people who are less intelligent are more likely to try harder drugs without using common sense and basic knowledge of addiction to various drugs apart from marijuana. Regardless, I don't do drugs nor do I see myself ever doing them, including marijuana.
  7. Welcome to vVv. You have officially embarked upon the best forums in all of the eSports industry.
  8. Oh. I was unaware. Thank you for educating me. Now I won't sound too ignorant
  9. I'm not sure. But eon as well as the other sponsors on nV take very, very good care of their players. I'd be thoroughly satisfied with those benefits as well as having the honor of playing for that them. But whatever, stuff happens. Like Bullet said, it's Call of Duty... Nothing really makes complete sense in this particular community.
  10. I don't understand why Dedo and Parasite would leave such a storied team such as EnVyUs. That'd be such a great team to represent.
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