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  1. Hi All, Well, when you don't play a game that the community supports anymore, it is hard to stay attached with the community. I love you guys, and I appreciate the opportunity and the home, but ever since I stopped playing CoD and the fact I don't really play any other game the community supports, I've just had no reason to really come back and check on things. I mean, I guess that could be also because I'm having a baby in the next couple weeks so I won't have time either. <3 you all. Over and out, Sam aka PaLiiBoY
  2. PaLiiBoY

    Civ 5

    Yeah I saw this and thought about picking it up. Gold edition + expansion pack was like $12!
  3. month was better than me. mine was about the moment i put it in and played a few games...awful
  4. PaLiiBoY

    I'm back! :)

    Why about my face? =)
  5. HIIII BEAUTIFUL! /accepted and endorsed
  6. Did I miss the album or pics? I saw a few on Twitter...I know there is more!
  7. Without. Not THAT generous lol perfectly working 19" tv/monitor
  8. Hey man!! Well, how did it go!??!
  9. 320gb 360 slim with 1 controller, bo2, army of two devils cartel, fable 3, ncaa football 14 and TB cheap headsets (only one side of ear works) for $200. if you want my 19" tv/monitor to go with it im doing that for $275 total package. if u dont want the 320gb hdd its a 4gb slim so that with the games headset and games its $150
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