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  1. I'm rooting for Curse, but I'm excited for this pool of teams. Dallas gonna be off the chain.
  2. Rest in Peace to my friend CJ Ford. I'll miss you man.

  3. This is a damn shame to hear. Barring no alternatives, I'm really sad to read that things have unfolded like they have. It'll suck not being able to play with you, thanks for ressing me all those times whether jumping or up in frostgorge. I'll miss you man, hopefully we can play again one day in the future.
  4. Hell yea. I'm down for this. Thanks for taking initiative.
  5. Hey man, welcome to vVv. Just saw your intro, it's awesome how you manage to do college/military/avid gamer. Keep it up.
  6. Hey MoneyB. Welcome to the forums first of all. Secondly, thanks for your current and future service.
  7. Yea the amount of clapping suggests only a few there were first-hand beneficiary's of this awesome speech. Praise the internet.
  8. Plot twist: All of us are little kids Welcome to the forums, man. Enjoy your stay.
  9. Study hard while you're off mate. We'll see you on the return.
  10. Shame for Veigar, but necessary. Maybe not THAT necessary, but necessary.
  11. Come and get me on the ride up

  12. Hey man, welcome to the forums. Good to see you applying here. What are your thoughts on Black Ops 2? Are you super-stoked?!
  13. Thanks guys. I actually had a camping trip extension and mid-terms this week but I'm back now!
  14. I've never played SW:TOR but not being able to equip purples without a license seems like bullshit... among a couple other things.
  15. It's my birthday on Sunday and my friends and I are camping in the mountains of Texas. I'll probably be dead from bear-mauling. Days gone: 10/13/2012 10/14/2012 Half of 10/15/2012 Thanks guys!
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