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  1. Stix

    Stix's Application

    You can actually just delete this thread to be honest. I haven't streamed in over a month and just haven't had any drive to do so. I have one world record time and that's only because no one else runs the game. i've accepted that i'm not meant to be a speed runner and without that i have even LESS to offer vVv. So keeping my app open wouldn't really serve any purpose.
  2. Stix

    Stix's Application

    Well, it's been almost 2 months and I haven't really heard anything... So, vVv isn't looking for speed runners? I wouldn't take it personally or anything :).
  3. Stix

    Stix's Application

    Hey guys! Just a quick update. My stream is back to full functionality with my sound issues being resolved (my computer wasn't recognizing my headphones therefore I couldn't use my mic)! So now I'm back to streaming on Saturday and Sunday (and some Fridays). This weekend, my goal is to upload a run attempt of Darkest Dungeon! Before I start the run, I'll do a rundown of what I'm TRYING to do and hopefully things go as planned and I don't make myself look super silly :D.
  4. Stix

    Hey I Am Blazer!!!!

    Are you active duty or civ contractor? I'm Navy.
  5. Stix

    Stix's Application

    Honestly, I don't have a lot of experience with these games, so opinions are really all I have. Also, like I said before you can speed run anything that has an end. You just have to keep in mind that: 01. Games that are new aren't going to have the same resources available for new runners (i.e. tutorials). Like the Witcher 3 only has three runs posted on speedrun.com. 02. Games that run longer (over 2 hours) are probably going to be tough to grind. The two games I've run are well under an hour in length, so I don't feel any pressure to finish a run if I feel like it isn't going well. If I were to play, say, Until Dawn (#1 ranked run is 3 hours, 53 minutes), I'd feel a little obligated to finish, even if I miss a trick that saves 5 minutes on the last level of the game. These are the two issues I see with those games, but if you have a love for these games, then they won't stop you. Go get that World Record
  6. Stix

    Stix's Application

    Go for it! Before I started, no one had posted any runs of Inside My Radio. Now there's 5-6 people who run it :).
  7. Stix

    Stix's Application

    I think my favorite runs to watch are Luigi's Mansion and old school 2d platformers. I hope to be able to do a run at GDQ one day
  8. Stix

    Stix's Application

    It really just comes down to what you like. You can speed run pretty much anything that has an end. For example, this guy completed a 100% speed run of Animal Crossing, which took 39 hours... He improved the world record by over 10 hours by, you guessed it, not stopping to sleep. Me personally? I don't have much interest in running anything over an hour long :/. I've run two games so far (just started like 4 months ago). I hold the world record for Inside My Radio (you can find it on Steam) at 38:48. I have also recently started running Castle of Illusion HD, but my time (43:29) is about 10 minutes over the WR. The thing about speedrunning is that you have to find a game that you're willing to play OVER and OVER and OVER again. It's all about the grind. In my short time as a speed junkie, I've found that the grind is definitely worth it in the end. There's no feeling quite like getting a new Personal Best time after hours and hours of grinding.
  9. Stix

    Stix's Application

    I'm pretty much just speed running at the moment. I just started working on learning Castle of Illusion HD and improved my Personal Best by 15 minutes. I'm still 15 minutes or so off WR, but I'll get there ;). I love Washington. I'm stationed up here at Naval Hospital Bremerton and I couldn't be happier. The weather is great and the people are pretty cool. I have zero complaints. A fur baby is a pet. haha. Here's a picture of out kiddos: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CfpLK5FVAAAmIP5.jpg:large The big orange one is Seamus and the small calico is our new girl Ginny. CfpLK5FVAAAmIP5.jpg-large