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  1. Mannykacks

    Chop List June 2013

    Bittencourt, the neighborhood friendly brazilian gold farmer shall be missed dearly
  2. Mannykacks

    MMO members of vVv

    Pretty much everything that Sir Blazek said. The MMO division is in an odd state of being in between games as Guild Wars 2 flopped after some time (abeit a damn good time). I never picked up Star Conflict, so I can't comment on that, but I will say that Neverwinter is our sort of current game the majority in the division are playing. Personally I find plenty of fun in that game, as do others, and I would recommend it if you haven't already started playing it
  3. Mannykacks

    Who's Playing Neverwinter?

    valdaglerion the wry@mannykacks I have a 8.6k GWF and am sorely looking for T2 dungeon groups since pug ones are always a mess for me
  4. Mannykacks

    Camelot Unchained (DAoC 2) Annoucement Trailer

    Awwwww yeeeeeeeeee
  5. Mannykacks

    Fuck you thread

    Fuck the close-minded, elitist Battlefield veterans who can't accept the direction the game is going. Yes, BF4 looks similar, but good lord are you all so blind that you can't see that it is a much more polished version of BF3? You all claim to love BF3 so so much, but you hate on BF4 despite it being what BF3 should have been. Open your god damned eyes people. I agree they tried to compensate for console capabilities far too much in BF3 (and hope they don't hold back for PC in 4), but don't bash a game that is essentially a fixed version of what you're already playing. The developers are moving in a new direction. Creators do that. You try creating content for many years and keeping it the same old thing while successfully keeping steady sales. It gets boring for, not only the players, but the creators as well. Oh yeah, and fuck the people who cry about BF3 (potentially 4) having a "blue tint". It's their art style. It gives the game a unique image. People look at a picture of the game and know it's a Battlefield title. Why can you not understand that the devs want to create this identity for their game? What is really sad is that the game looks pretty damn good, color correction or not. PS: Fuck you if you don't like corgis
  6. I would listen to Drum n Bass or the Dragon Age: Origins soundtrack on the plane ride to the next Pax Prime
  7. Mannykacks

    Medal Of Honor WarFighter

    Hmm, I might re-download this game now that someone might actually play with me. Let's see if I can hit rank 40 in world again
  8. Mannykacks

    $10,000 UMG St. Louis Event

    Hell yes, an event I can actually attend without taking days off of work Looking forward to it for sure
  9. Mannykacks

    Take my survey!

    WTB "All of the Above" option for first question
  10. This is damn awesome stuff Mike - best of luck bro
  11. Mannykacks

    Chop list January 2013

    My Herve Best of luck to them and may the games be with them
  12. Mannykacks

    New Anivia Skin

    brb using anivia for the rest of my life until this comes out
  13. I think this will turn out very well in keeping active, dedicated, and passionate people within our ranks Can't wait to see some cool new people hanging around