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  1. I dont know how long my schedule will be like this, just got a new job and already working mornings one day, evenings the next, and nights after that... so this could continue for a few months or a few weeks, dont know. Ill be gone since 12/19/13
  2. Zeo

    Alcippex's Application

    Hey man, welcome to vVv! Hope to talk to ya in mumble and play de League of Legends with ya sometime!
  3. Hey man welcome to the community. Hope you have a great time, and can't wait to talk with ya on mumble while you play league with the members.
  4. so wait... the #imelite has to be on twitter or facebook? im kinda confused on this.
  5. Zeo

    SageRonins Application

    Hey man, have not seen you in mumble in a while? You should get back on when you have the chance, we can easily get 5 people and play some games.
  6. What is your competitive gaming background? How long have you been playing or competing in this game? I've competed once on Friday Night Fights. What is the community site for this game? https://forums.station.sony.com/dcuo/index.php What are the average stream viewers on TwitchTV? Normally about 20-50 on Fridays about 200-500 maybe more. Does this game have developer support with necessary features such as LAN or spectator mode? No spectator mode that I know of, as for the Lan you can play people specifically, but it requires a internet connection. Describe the community for this game in three words. Friendly, the pvp players can be toxic like most, but more than anything it gets crazy when people get competitive and know what they are doing. Does this game have any support from major, local or online tournaments? Yes. They do tournaments every friday. SoE does this. The tournaments are online and normally filled with participants. What other teams or organizations support this title? I don't know of any.
  7. Thinking.... about... buying.... a... pair... must... not.... spend money.... *Throws wallet at screen*
  8. Zeo


    Hey man chatted with you once. Hope to see you on mumble again. Was a fun game and conversation.
  9. Zeo

    Udwon's Application

    Hey there, hope to see you on the vVv mumble! Should have some good talks and also some fun times during inhouses.
  10. Zeo

    SageRonins Application

    Nice guy, descent player. Just finished a game with him as wukong. Instead of him just building what he thought he should build against riven, he asked the team. He was a good team player and had a few good ults for a first time wukong from what i understand. Did not rage.
  11. Zeo

    Kaeleal's application.

    Needs.... to.... learn.... to.... play the game. Nah good guy, descent player.
  12. Zeo

    Senna Blanc's application

    Played a few games with her. Nice person. Also good player. Should fit well into vVv.
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