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  1. Bardo

    Who has the beta?

    no pre-order but beta access REKT!!!! Bardo#1640
  2. Name Justin LombardoAge 22Gender MaleGamertag J B4rdoCountry & State OklahomaTime Zone centralWhen will you have Halo 5: Guardians launchWhat headset do you use turtle beachWhat controller do you use (Scuff, CinchGaming, and Xbox Elite are allowed) regularDo you use Kontrol Freeks? If so which ones signatureDo you want Arena, GameBattles, or both bothHow competitive are you? veryHave you ever competed in a video game tournament? yesDo you watch eSports? How often? every dayWhat competitive team(s) do you support? dont directly support any one team it differs from game to gameWhat is your availability for tryouts, trials, and/or team competitions? M&W after 730pm T&R after 5pm free all weekendInterest level 1-10: 8Any suggestions you would have for this post or the process?
  3. With the release of Guitar Hero: Live on the horizon, vVv Gaming is reentering rhythm gaming with three of the most passionate plastic instrument players in the world. vVv Gaming has a history of success in rhythm gaming with over 30 top four finishes at tournaments including the World Cyber Games, Electronic Sports World Cup, and more. Our new rhythm gaming players hope to continue this trend when Guitar Hero events are held in the future. Additionally, all three members of the team will be creating rhythm gaming videos and streaming on Twitch. Read on to learn more about our new Guitar Hero players! vVv Acai vVv Acai28 obtaining one of the current highscores on King for a Day in the Guitar Hero: Live demo Alec “vVv Acai28” Castillo first joined vVv Gaming five years ago and went on to become the Gold Medalist in the 2010 WCG Grand Finals. As the last WCG World Champion, Acai is looking to continue his tournament dominance in Guitar Hero: Live. When asked about his return to competitive gaming, Acai said: Follow vVv Acai28 here: Twitch Twitter YouTube vVv Paradise vVv Paradise before a recent rhythm gaming stream on his Twitch channel Jason “Paradise” Kuntz is a two time national tournament winner in the USA and a long time member of vVv Gaming. Once a staff member for vVv, Paradise now returns as a player to compete in Guitar Hero events and stream on Twitch. Folllow vVv Paradise here: Twitch Twitter YouTube vVv UkogMonkey UkogMonkey achieving 100% on Fury of the Storm by Dragonforce at a live event in the UK George “vVv UkogMonkey” Boothby may be the newest face in vVv Gaming but he is a veteran of the Guitar Hero scene. UkogMonkey was the Gold Medalist in the 2008 WCG Grand Finals and has amassed countless achievements in the rhythm gaming scene. Upon joining vVv Gaming, UkogMonkey was quoted as saying: Follow vVv UkogMonkey here: Twitch Twitter YouTube Please welcome our new Guitar Hero players: vVv Acai28, vVv Paradise, and vVv UkogMonkey!
  4. I believe he means check IN system. Its a system other league/tournament platforms use to make sure teams are there on time and if not they forfeit their match. It helps keep everything running on time.
  5. Bardo

    Why do you game?

    I've been recently brainstorming some things on what to create to make vVv a better place. I'd like to know what's your reason for gaming. Whether it be to have fun, be the best, socialize with friends, or even to create content. Please let me know "why do you game"and what could be created to better fit your gaming needs.
  6. vVv Gaming is excited to announce our latest addition to our sponsored teams! We have acquired the roster of Mostly Harmless: Cubed, dOUBLE, jvw, nitro-, and zephah. The team will be competing in the ESEA-Premier and CEVO-Main leagues under the name vVv. We look forward to the journey of making the ESEA and CEVO pro leagues and are hopeful for the future of this partnership. This is a great first step to make our way back into CSGO eSports, and with a promising line up, more great things are on the way. We believe the CSGO scene is still growing in popularity with the recent partnering of ESL with ESEA, CEVO, and MLG. We've had previous success with CSGO and we're looking to continue landing head shots with our new roster. Get hype! About the team: The current roster was formed from 2 veterans of Mostly Harmless and 2 newcomers that are quickly making a name for themselves Counter-Strike scene. The team is currently 3-1 and are looking strong and ready to break into CEVO-Professional. This newly formed roster has a lot of room to grow and are already showing their potential. The mixture of veteran players with up and coming talent means they have the skill to make it into both ESEA and CEVO Pro Leagues next season. Here is what @vVv_Nitro had to say about their partnership with vVv Gaming: vVv LordJerith also stopped by and gave his thoughts on the sponsorship: Captain/Leader: @vVv_Nitro | Support: @vVv_Cubed | AWPer:@vVv_Double | Entry Fragger: @vVv_jvw | Rifler: @vVv_FGB
  7. Who's is still going? Who in the area knows a good place everyone to meetup and have a good dinner together one night?
  8. Will be house sitting and moving back to college over the next two weeks. My activity will be limited but still available through PMs if anyone needs me.
  9. Nice to meet you. Feel free to hop on mumble and catch some games with everyone. What brought you back to check out vVv again? Also I suggest you change the color of your answers in your app so they're easier to read for everyone.
  10. pry a good idea though CSGO is no longer a featured game :'(
  11. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/vVvGaming
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