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  1. Dream (ex vVv)

    Update #1

    Hey guys and gals, its eFxGamer but now known as vVvDream! Very excited to tell you all that I have been accepted into vVv through the work and content I have put into this blog. This is going to just be a quick update post for anyone interested on how often I will put out my blog posts as well as when they will be coming out. Right now, I am super busy with school and I have hardly any time to play SC2 as well as I am in Grade 11 now, and also in the International Baccalaureate program. The homework keeps me until at least 12 every night which makes it hard for me to even try to fit in games of Starcraft T.T So for now, I have decided that I will be releasing a new blog post every 3 weeks starting in October, which will help me have a solid schedule in releasing them. Thanks for all the support that vVv has shown me and I hope that we will do great things in SC2! vVv Fighting!!~~~ vVvDream (eFxGamer)
  2. Dream (ex vVv)

    Unit Management and Positioning

    Unit Positioning- Mid-Game Management So its been approximately a week since I have last put out a blog, and a lot of stuff has been happening in the world of Starcraft 2. The main headline of every Starcraft Fan has most likely been the first IEM event to go on in the new season, IEM Global Challenge Cologne, which took place in Germany from the 15th of August until the 19th. IEM was full of surprises for me as a viewer and had an entertaining caster-line up with the big names such as Day [9], Tasteless, as well as Artosis being present there. From Tarson of Millennium fanboying over IMMvp, to MC dancing to Psy's "Gangnam Style" behind the caster desk, the personalities and players never ceased to entertain the viewers on the stream. Over to the games, the results were quite surprising to me especially because the top Koreans did not sweep the prizes this time. Though IMMvp did win the tournament over Acer's Nerchio, other notables such as MC and Nestea (The Big Three) failed to even make the semi-finals. Though worth it for Mvp, these three Koreans forfeited their spots in WCS Korea in order to attempt to sweep up some foreigner money, but only one of them took home the jackpot. The foreigners, in my opinion, had a strong showing in the tournament with players like Naniwa, Nerchio, Grubby, and White-Ra being present. The foreigners, placed well, for a tournament consisting of both an open bracket and pool play (similar to MLG), with Nerchio taking the silver, but the biggest surprise to me has got to be the less-well known Spanish zerg Vortix who tore through the bracket to only be stopped by the eventual winner Mvp. After making it out of pool play, he tore through ForGG, as well as Supernova both Mid-Top end Korean players in order to reach the semi-finals. A young zerg, playing for Karont3 e-Sports club, he bursted onto the scene at The Gathering 2012, as well as a qualifying for the TSL4. I think after this tournament that people will be keeping up with him with a little bit more attention. This week has been a relatively busy week for myself, with math tutoring, as well as preparing for the upcoming school year, Grade 11 IB . With this said, I was still able to grind out about 20 ladder games, which is a minuscule amount compared to the best of the best. Something I'm going to work on is time management as well in order to allocate time accordingly to the hobbies or things i want to spend more time on. On the ladder, I queued up against quite a bit of Terrans this week, with many of them cheesing or all inning me as usually I choose to play a much more passive macro style in PvT. Examples include whenever I go for a 16 Nexus, many Terrans reactions are too immediately plop down a few more barracks and bring as many scvs as possible =\ or a banshee raven all in of sorts. In my opinion, this is happening due to the difficulty of late game TvP in the Terran's point of view, therefore concluding that all-inning in the early-mid game is the most effective option in order to pull out a win. Though many Terrans are doing this, I managed to find one to play a macro game with me in order to practice some unit management as well as effective mid- game spending. <-- for some highlights! Replay Analysis http://drop.sc/241255 The map Ohana LE is one of my favorite maps as Protoss with a fast natural expansion as well as a relatively easy to defend third base as well. For Terrans though, I feel that it is a relatively good map as well, with many paths of counter-attacking expansions possible and multiple escape paths possible. In PvT, I like to play more long drawn-out macro games leading into the late-game, so my opening build versus Terrans is usually as follows 16 Nexus 17 Forge 17 Pylon 18 Cannon 18 Gateway 22 Gas 23 Cybercore @ Around 4:30 First Zealot 28 Second Gas About 40-45 supply 6:20-30 I will get my Robotics Facility 48-50 2 More gateways @ around 7 Minutes So in this particular replay, this was a viable build, as he goes into the mid game with a Barracks into a Command Center effectively setting up a macro game. For today, the most important aspect of my game that I want to work on is my unit positioning in respect to individual battles. I have four major battles which I want to analyze my unit positioning and how it affects the outcome of the game. Number 1 The first major engagement that occurs happens at my third base, where the Terran shows of the powers of MMM and its mobility versus the more slow moving deathball of the Protoss consisting of zealots, stalkers, and colossi. He is able to take the top right route through the rocks and into my third, quickly stimming and kiting back my zealots while at the same time focusing down my third base. Immediately, while reviewing the replay, I realize that though I do not lose too much of my army in the engagement, if the Terran had chose to attack, many of my stalkers would be immediately destroyed and he could have flown right out of there with the Medivacs. The number one rule i have while engaging is to always have zealots and sentries up first, so that the zealots can tank the damage and the sentries can get their forcefields off, both of which did not occur in this early engagement. Number 2 The second major battle of the game sees the breaking of my number one rule. In the picture above, you can clearly see highlighted in black the zealots being clearly stuck between the stalkers and colossi making them effectively doing nothing and not being productive in the battle at all. Though zealots do very good damage versus the bio-force of Terrans, their main job is to act as meat shield while the colossi chip away at the bio, and the stalkers focus down the vikings. By having the zealots stuck between the damage dealing unit and the supporting stalkers, the stalkers become the mentioned "meat-shields" leaving nothing to defend the expensive colossi by being shot down through opposing vikings Number 3 The third engagement of the game sees my Protoss army at exactly the opposite of where I want to be. I am stuck in a choke point, with the Terran having a larger concave as well as my zealots being stuck behind my stalkers once again. On top of all of this, all my units are clumped up making EMP's especially powerful in this scenario. As highlighted by the black, once again, many of my support units such as the sentries are stuck between the other units making forcefields, a crucial spell, unable to be casted, and instead, they are all hit by one EMP rendering them all useless. If it was not for my superior money spending and larger army in this case, all my units would not have been able to trade effectively and i would have most likely lost the game at this point. Number 4 The last and final image shows a better improvement in the positioning, but many things that can still be worked on. My zealots are more evenly spread on the army and are up front tanking the damage, but the stalkers and colossi are still a bit too clumped for my liking. During the battle, they are actually hit by all the EMPS once I try to move up. As well, one of my worst attributes in PvT is the fact that I am ridiculously scared to use my High Templars to try to feedback ghosts. In this case, I just tried to keep them back, and instead let my whole army be EMP'd but have the ability to storm the back as well. Though this is terrible decision making, at this level, i do not think that my micro is at the level where I am able to control my HT's perfectly so that they would survive the Ghost's snipe ability. Though I did win this game, this was solely due to the fact that the Terran lost much of his army in the first major engagement and that I was able to slow down his third up later in the game. As well, I was able to expand much more effectively, and did not take as much economic damage as him. But if this game was based solely due to the individual unit management and positioning of our respective armies, this game would have been the Terran's in a heartbeat, as I was constantly efficiently trading armies in each major engagement. This is one of the major aspects of my game I need to work on, as well as numerous others, but I hope that this quick analysis is able to help some other players to quickly realize the importance of positioning in a complex game such as Starcraft 2. By: Clarence Chan- eFxGamer
  3. Source: Ambitions of a Gamer- Starcraft 2 Blog #1