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  1. Kontrah

    Titanfall PC roll call

    Kontrah Est Halo, CoD, GOW, many many more Pro
  2. aver media live gamer pro hd, im available whenever mostly... just send me a message, i can also edit GT: Kontrah, my xbox is currently broke, but if needed i can get one
  3. Kontrah

    Tera Online going F2P

    Im honestly excited to try it out ill be getting the game shortly ive been wanting to try it but 15$ a month seemed a little much to me for any game We should def all be on the same sever
  4. Kontrah

    Halo 4 teams/help/free agents

    Hi okay I'm gonna keep it short and sweet My name is Dan and I'm looking for competitive Halo players to not only join my team but improve players by playing customs, lessons, and just those willing to help. If anyone wants a free agent or to start a team let me know by posting credentials below. If you would like to improve or just get games in with good halo 4 players please do not be shy and post below maybe we can help set you up with a team and friends. -credentials: Member of the halo 3 team down to the wire Top 32 of the game battles bracket 1 MLG tournament 4 NJ halo tournaments 2 MLG tournaments as a Coach finished in the top 40 Including nationals 5 years total of Halo Experience Montages as well/Video experience Gt:Kontrah... Add me/message me... I will keep this post updated with more info until then enjoy the halo 4 carnage . - Kontrah
  5. Kontrah

    Halo Dominion Game play impressions:

    lets all be honest here Halo 4 is going to be like no game that we have ever seen before and the game mode def adds a nice game mode to be considered added to a mlg/esports gametypes
  6. Kontrah

    Kontrah's vVv application!

    and im back only took me twenty days but im back with a new pc too
  7. Kontrah

    Halo 4 Burst Fire vs Single shot

    I'm a h3 kid lol And I played H2 and Reach I didnt like the dmr in reach probably won't like it in 4 either
  8. Kontrah

    Halo 4 Burst Fire vs Single shot

    Woahhhh! Single shot does not take more skill they're equivalent a single shot weapon makes the game at a much slower pace do to the increase of range and because of this it means whoever sees who first is going to win unlike in a burst fire weapon wear you can turn and move I feel more mobile with a br then a dmr And Let's not even talk about reach! -___-
  9. Kontrah

    4 Halo teams for Invite only tournament

    Believe the hype? Darkest hour?
  10. Kontrah

    Kontrah's vVv application!

    i will as soon as i finish setting up my room! (just moved it could take time)
  11. Kontrah

    Kontrah's vVv application!

    im gonna switch my app, i dont believe i have the skills necessary for gfx but i do want to help and add to the community by making videos, streaming, commentating and gfx as a side thing.
  12. Kontrah

    Breaking the Meta: Sign ups! (August 6th, 2012)

  13. Kontrah

    Discuss: 2012 Republican Party of Texas Platform

    Really if you look at the Country in general its becoming like this, Im coming in as a college freshmen next year and they federal government is so stubborn about giving money out to kids... In a lot of situations in not finance based... they are now requesting transcripts and pretty soon major selection so they can pick in choose more too there liking, its pretty crazy because they choose who they believe deserves an education... So i guess only certain people have a right to education? that's ridiculous. Also they are proposing laws i heard to make it so you have to have a college degree to vote (or have tried to make a law.) They are trying more and more to control our everyday lives just by little things by doing things that the government thinks we wouldn't notice... And they only mention Israel because without Israel we almost have no foothold in the middle east, they are only ally there a strong one ONLY because we didn't only propose the country of Israel be made but in the 1950's gave money, weapons, support, almost anything they needed to gain power, especially after the need for oil. (Texas is pretty stupid for mentioning that anyways first off that a big money maker in Texas is oil. Secondly the last part of that segment says in gods belief... SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.) And they are dumb in general any person or organization in history that has tried to control people soon after falls. Unfortunately i believe if the government keeps this up the U.S will only get worst.