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  1. The new CoD is bad. I like CoD 1-4
  2. Oh i see. xD and I know about signing up for the community, I didn't wanna be part of the team because I am only plat.
  3. Most teams I know of don't require a certain age. infact, most teams I come across allow just 14+ which I think is reasonable. D:
  4. StalkeR

    Hey Everyone!

    welcome I don't play Guild War II at all.
  5. StalkeR

    Hey guys.

    thank you both of you. I was in the vVv channel last night and everyone is really nice and chatty. LgN channel is usually dead with 20+ people on there lol.
  6. StalkeR

    Hey guys.

    I do consider joining a new team when I hit diamond+... it'll be either xSix or vVv. ^^ The professional part of LgN doesn't do alot of popular lan groups (only avilo has participated in mlg/gsl etc.) ty for welcomes guys
  7. StalkeR

    Your build against...

    PvP = 4 stalker expand into a 1 gate robo fast immortal or fast obs, 6 gate sentrystalkerimmortal allin with double robo with double colo being made allready mid 6 gate allin. PvZ = 1 gate fe early zealot pressure, or ffe then pheonix voidray harass into colovoidstalkersentryzealot. PvT = 1 gate fe or 16 nexus, sometimes 20/28 expand.
  8. StalkeR

    1000 Tips! [TL]

    I find this thread quite useful due to being a mid gold- low plat toss player.
  9. Personally winning this tournament once and participating in it 4 times only to get to Semi Finals. I love this tournament. My win was an invite to a chompions thing. All the others when I made it to semi finals was for a prize pool going towards my korean account.
  10. StalkeR

    Hey guys.

    Hey sup. Some of you guys (vVv Spike) may know me from a streamer known as confusid I am not part of vVv but am part of LgN. Since LgN forums are always dead and no new posts are daily, I decided to come here to waste time. My following achivments in Sc2 are; Getting Plat Winning a tournament known as Daywalker 2 times, and Good as gold once. Being taught by vTDesrow/LgNDesrow for free