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  1. vVv doing anything for raids?
  2. I like to pop on here every once in a while and see what's going on. There's a lot coming in the xpac to come back for. 4 maps, some containing 3 "biomes" - all containing many new events New races of npcs and monsters Repeatable adventures with leaderboards Map bonus reward system 1 profession 9 specializations (includes a new line of traits and 1 new weapon per class) New Personal Story Living World releases including Living Story S3 2 new armor sets per weight (from the open world) 5 weapon sets Legendary armor New legendary weapon set Legendary back pieces 60 new item skins, miniatures and more 7 mastery tracks with 39 tiers Precursor crafting 1 raid with 3 wings 2 Guild Halls with 6 core buildings and over 175 decorations including a customizable PvP arena New guild armor and weapon sets New PvP gamemode with new map Guild teams and leaderboards PvP leagues 10 New PvP reward tracks New WvW borderland New fractal system, rewards and 50 more levels Plenty of other smaller features and updates Hope you all reconsider!
  3. Is the GW2 division gone? I finally saw someone in the HotM with the tag on and asked and they said it's basically gone. That's rather unfortunate. Possibly looking for someone to run it?
  4. I would be down as a Mid player. Not sure what skill level you're looking for though. If you're interested just add me in-game: Phomatic.
  5. Prepatch hit about 2 hours ago. Looking great!
  6. Pre-patch hits today (10/14). Pretty pumped!
  7. I mean...go look at the video of Dyrus talking to TheOddOne when he was streaming. Your call. Looks like he is IMO.
  8. I hear they're putting TheOddOne back into the mix. That would be fun to see IMO.
  9. Huge updates IMO. This will be a huge jungle patch!
  10. I'd be down. Not sure what skill level you're looking for. Add me in-game: Phomatic. I main mid.
  11. If I'm interested in playing in the weekly LoL events, I am assuming this would be a good way to get started? I won't be back into town until Tuesday so I'd have to miss the intro night. =/
  12. My main 90 is on Hyjal. I'll have to see about a transfer.
  13. Anyone know what server vVv is on?
  14. I would definitely be down to do this!
  15. Great post! Thanks for the share.