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  1. iDragon UK

    Another Stress Test

    Not soon enough.
  2. iDragon UK

    [Footage] TL.NA vs TL.EU - Elementalist

    Thanks, and we have builds + guides on our forums under our Eng section. I'm sure you can find his build or you can post in the "Ask the teams" forum section. That section is just for asking our SPvP team questions.
  3. iDragon UK

    [Footage] TL.NA vs TL.EU - Elementalist

    Awesome as always.
  4. iDragon UK

    Another Stress Test

    They found the problem with the lag.. http://www.reddit.co.../y0zi2/the_lag/ "[–]Mike-OBrien-ArenaNet892 points 1 day ago We're having an issue with one of the Internet connections in our North American data center. Anyone connecting to us through that link is experiencing bad lag right now. Our network operations team is working to get it resolved. ~ MO "
  5. iDragon UK

    GW2 now featured on Arena Junkies

    Yep this is awesome news. There are some awesome guides on there too... Should check them out.
  6. iDragon UK

    So what is Guild Wars 2?

    What is your name on the BWE?
  7. iDragon UK

    So what is Guild Wars 2?

    What? Thank you but I will be playing with the Ascension Alliance.
  8. iDragon UK

    Pretty Bold Statement...

    I already posted how I thought you guys did it wrong. I said I (ME) would of sticked through it on those games and still tried to work something out. You can always promote and teach people to lead a guild or raid. I don't think the way I'm "Doing this" is the wrong way. Like dark said, I'm just asking questions and I'm not "attacking" anyone personally. Sometimes you have to take a little flame, to open peoples minds up. Like Lordjerith even posted on here because he thought I was "Attacking" this community.
  9. iDragon UK

    So what is Guild Wars 2?

    "I know what it is, I just wanted to see how well and informed you guys on this site." guys are on* This post is older, around the time I first signed up. Like I said, I just wanted to see how devoted or informed you guys were, before I started posting.
  10. iDragon UK

    Pretty Bold Statement...

    I see, I mean this with no disrespect but in my eyes all I see is this community is good on Console, which is cool. Then I want to know what you've done in the MMO Scene of things. I guess I say that because I don't play console, so even having top 1 lan finishes doesn't really sway me (or grab my attention). I'm an MMO player so MMO background / history is what I look at. Some MMO players will look at any background and go for it, but I guess I'm an odd duckling and would rather have a background in MMO (Big or small) then console gaming. " so i ave a question dragon are you here because you are loyal to vVv or are you commenting on this thread to sort of say bad mouth the leaders of this community which is what is sounds like to me and i am sorry if i am not understanding you correctly but this is how it seems to me" See you did say it... But anyway... I see where your coming from.. You are just trying to I guess "Defend" your home from an "invader". I'm not here to talk trash or "troll" I'm here to talk about GW2 and vVv is trying to get in the GW2 scene so it doesn't hurt to talk about your flaws. If you don't allow people to point out what you do right and wrong, how can you fix your wrongs?
  11. iDragon UK

    Pretty Bold Statement...

    I know what you mean, I guess in my eyes I see a "Good" guild for being #1 for a long time, but others might see vVv be the underdog or "brand new" to the game and climbing the ranks. I guess you gotta think about what can bring more website viewers, more players, and the ability to make content. Very true, hopefully vVv will support all their MMO players no matter what game. No offense but I'm not here to be "loyal" to vVv. I have no desire to join vVv (or apply w/e). I'm here just to talk about GW2. I sign up on every GW2 site/forums that I can so I can meet and talk to other GW2 players. Help get my name out there and make new friends or enemy I can practice SPvP with. vVv gaming (From what I heard) is a community website so I don't think everyone who comes on here is just here to "be loyal yo vVv" I'm not trying to BM anyone, I just wanted to simply talk or have a debate about GW2. Get some peoples gears turning about GW2 and get more people involved about GW2. Thats also understandable, I didn't know you guys didn't start your PC division till 2008. In 2008, yes I would say that was too late to start in WoW or GW1 so I can see why you didn't try, well hopefully you didn't try. I would say that is a Strength, ya some guilds/community die because they try to hold onto their baby games. I just think you could of kept a guild in those game just to work on your name in the MMO scene, but hey thats just my opinion and I worry too much about the image I have on others.
  12. iDragon UK

    Guild Wars 2 Video Overlay for streaming.

    Kind of simple don't ya think? Idk I'm not a streamer so I can't tell how well it is.
  13. iDragon UK

    Bahloons Introduction

    welcome to the site!
  14. iDragon UK

    So what is Guild Wars 2?

    I know what it is, I just wanted to see how well and informed you guys on this site.
  15. iDragon UK

    New Login Design

    Me either unless I need to update my BWE launcher.