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    • vVv Bagzli

      We have moved to Discord   08/04/2016

      There has been a strong desire among the community to migrate to Discord for quite some time. As of today, our community will be using Discord and as a result, we will no longer be actively using our TeamSpeak Server.  The TeamSpeak server will temporarily stay active to help inform all of our move to Discord. Within the next couple of months, it will be shut down completely.  For a quick invite to our new Discord server, you can click here.  
      For a full detailed guide visit http://www.vVv-Gaming.com/Discord
    • vVv Bagzli

      New Supersonic Series Start Time   10/17/2016

      We would like to thank everyone who participated in our recent survey regarding the start time of our tournaments.  After reviewing responses from the survey sent out to tournament participants we have decided to make changes to the start time of our events to try to better accommodate everyone.  Beginning on Monday, October 24th, all of our tournaments will start an hour earlier - at 8PM Eastern.  This means that registration will close at 7:30 EST, and that check-in starts at 7:30 EST and closes at 7:45 EST.


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  1. The WarZ, get this game now!

    I have 3 keys for Oct. 31st. PM me if you want one.
  2. Kantermoose

    Welcome Kantermoose and good luck with your application Where in Canada are you from?
  3. Korzal - GW2 Application.

    Hello, welcome! Best of luck on your application and hope to see you in game.
  4. Unknown's Application

    Welcome! Nice app and good luck!
  5. Cornetto - GW2 Application.

    Hello, welcome Cornetto! Good luck on your application and see you in game!
  6. Astraëa GW2 application

    Oh ok, I see! If you're looking for EU players, maybe try talking to Aquatica He was in the process of moving but I think he said he has internet now. Anyways, he is in London and should hopefully be playing more.
  7. gnuworldorders gw2 application

    If you scroll down past what you filled out on your OP, you'll find this:
  8. gnuworldorders gw2 application

    Full application info can be found here: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/56081-how-to-apply-to-vvv-gamings-gw2-guild/
  9. Ghoulisaur's App. (Orange names ftw?!?!)

    Good luck on the pre-interview Ghoulisaurus
  10. Astraëa GW2 application

    Ele now?
  11. Ebonreed application!

    Callin me out, huh? -__- Yeah, I've been slacking on stalking the apps, someone needs to do my work for me so I can focus on creeping the forums!
  12. Razmaa's Application

    Yes, you agreed to the terms. You must not remember cause of all that 151 in your system. Oh Razma. You are awesome, even if you are a troll at Draw My Thing!
  13. Killing Babies

    I am ultimately pro-choice. While I agree that the decision resides in the woman's hands, I am against women repeatedly using abortion as an irresponsible means of "birth control" when there are many many contraceptive options available to women now. The mentality that you don't need to bother with contraceptives because you can always get an abortion, is lazy and irresponsible. IMO.
  14. Razmaa's Application

    Seriously, you guys need to get the story straight: Chickenz is a Knight, Tak is his beloved courtesan, if Chickenz betrays me, Tak dies. Cause ya know, losing the one you love is worse than death.... supposedly. >.>