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  1. The WarZ, get this game now!

    I have 3 keys for Oct. 31st. PM me if you want one.
  2. Shadow of the Mad King Update

  3. Killing Babies

    I am ultimately pro-choice. While I agree that the decision resides in the woman's hands, I am against women repeatedly using abortion as an irresponsible means of "birth control" when there are many many contraceptive options available to women now. The mentality that you don't need to bother with contraceptives because you can always get an abortion, is lazy and irresponsible. IMO.
  4. Most disturbing movie you'e seen.

    What the HELL, Razma. o__o I don't know what kind of porn YOU watch, but Anti-christ is certainly not porn...and you want to talk about gore like getting stabbed in the wang with scissors in A l'interieur, in Anti-christ the chick cuts off her own clitoris...CUTS IT OFF!! Ok I have to stop typing now, I am about to start dry heaving and its almost lunch time.
  5. Tablets? Which would you buy?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and I love it, it suits my purposes. Honestly, the closer comparison would be between the Galaxy Tab 2 and the iPad 2, by which the scales would tip (IMO) in Samsung's favor. However, if comparing the iPad 3 to the Galaxy Tab 2, I would say the win goes to Apple. Display wise, the Galaxy Tab 2 has a 10" screen with 1280x800 resolution, 149 ppi pixel density. While the iPad 3's 9.7" LED screen has a 2048x1536 resolution, 264ppi pixel density. In terms of hardware, the Galaxy Tab 2 has a dual core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor which is only a slight upgrade over its predecessor, but still handles apps and games nicely. The iPad 3 features a pretty beastly new processor A5X chip which has quad core graphics capability, speedy speedy. Also note that both devices have cameras capable of 1080p video capture, however the Tab 2 is 3.15 megapixels while the iPad 3 is 5 megapixels. Like Sugarbear said, the Apple app store is arguably better than the Android market. Ultimately, the decision depends on what you'd be using the device for primarily, and what features matter most to you. I am not "Apple" biased or an Android fan-girl, as I have both platforms across several devices, just relaying some info.
  6. The WvW scene in Sorrow's Furnace

    We have nightly WvW from 5pm PST until about 7pm I believe. Wednesdays and Saturdays tend to be the bigger nights, with Saturdays going most of the day in my experience. We would love to have you. See you in game!
  7. Will be not-so active for about a week

    lol woah woah woah... Monsta finally coming back AND I get to play with manboobs?!?! Dreams do come true.
  8. New Items Soon?

    I think I'd be interested in the permanent bank access. As for the make over stuff, I would anticipate it equating to about $25. I think I remember in WoW the race change/gender change was about that much.
  9. Patch Notes - 10/7 - Nerfs Nerfs Nerfs

    Looks like Pherz can't tab out anymore... haha.
  10. Will be not-so active for about a week

    We miss your jiggly boobs, Ogo. Come back soon.
  11. October 1 Patch Notes

    What? lol this is hilarious, why would they fix such a thing...
  12. sPvP Tournament Videos

    These videos are great, love watching you guys Keep it up!
  13. ^ this. I am usually on in the evenings on weekdays. I was working from home on Friday and checked the game, there were not many people on, but there is a good amount that start hopping online after work.
  14. I have them! And they are awesome
  15. Will be not-so active for about a week

    We will miss you Ogo! ..now who will make us laugh on Draw my Thing >.>