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    Some questions b4 I buy

    It is pretty rare to find a stock cooler that is pretty damn good, that's why even with my build I will be getting an aftermarket cooler as well. It's an investment, done many builds with many people for over a decade and have seen many processors go through hell on laptops and desktops with stock coolers and have even run tests, obviously can't show it because I don't have it right now, but your links show some, but for ME, I will be going aftermarket to fit my specific needs.

    An old face, but a new applicant

    Please close this application.

    Off to St. Louis

    Go figure, I live in Columbia....

    Some questions b4 I buy

    I had already figured his out and it's more than enough, well better than enough from people I have seen that have tried to stream on DSL lol

    Why am I an Atheist?

    Really, Pherz? Guess what, we are on the topic of religion though. Therefore how else would one take it, or could could push the element to? It was between him and I and he explained where his name was from. Thanks for the input though, as I actually have finished my degree, know many definitions, and am extremely intelligent. (Take everything I say with a hint of sarcasm.) I actually did, yesterday, but I posted above as to why I really won't post and obviously it's in this section for a reason. I am still thinking about how I would even go about trying to explain to someone who has such strong beliefs as to why they don't believe in God why I do, but they always seem to try and convince me why there isn't one, rather than just listening. It's just a waste of my time when I can go on living rather than wasting valuable time, which is something we have a limited amount of...

    Why am I an Atheist?

    You say no yet your name is Rapture lol

    Why am I an Atheist?

    What it comes down to is this for me. What two things have started more wars and fights in this world? Religions and politics. I will keep my beliefs and thoughts to myself and respect what everyone else thinks because no matter what everyone else thinks, they will ALWAYS try to force what they think on me without hard factual and structured elements to show me, just something they were told. I don't even try to argue, I have better things to do with my time.

    An old face, but a new applicant

    Thanks buddy, nice to see a new face! Thanks for the kinds words.

    Some questions b4 I buy

    Everything in it is pretty good quality, the graphics cards are pretty good but I know some people after a couple years experience issues with those exacts ones, 695 is a good price, BUT if you could, not sure how far away you are, with him running and over clocking it, especially to 5.0 on an i5 I would see if I could play with it a bit and see the FPS myself, see how hot it gets before you buy it. You don't want to buy a system that has been stressed quite a bit, even though you could make mods, add a couple cheap fans and be ok, that stress would still be there from prior use. It's almost like buying a prior used motorcycle...

    My past 5 years . . .

    Ok, since many have done it, I will actually write what I have thought for quite some time. Moreover, what actually drove me to come back to the community, and not the actual reason to apply because it's not so much a right just because you were there once, it truly is a privilege. With that said, here goes: When I first met Jerry, well, what can I say, we were playing Gears of War and I was just learning and I sucked so bad. Of course he was playing and screaming at everyone he was destroying, including me, which was starting to piss me off. We were in party chat, and next thing I hear, "Suck my big GAY DICK." I couldn't quit laughing, and yet it wasn't so much an intolerant frustrating comment, it was one that was almost challenging to make you want to do better, and have fun at the same time. Through the numerous days ahead we would spend nights online chatting, some people's names I can't remember, some I can, I remember it was usually Rev, Exo, Jerry, Danny, Prosu, and a couple others that would just pop in a game and play online for fun late into the night, and Jerry would just talk to us about anything. I remember Jerry talking to me about my service, what I did, where I deployed, and numerous other elements, and it wasn't just me, he did this with everyone because he WANTS everyone to feel valued. Do you see the connection yet guys? Value in everything we do? Some other components he has shown me is it's ok to just be me and be blunt in order to express an opinion because obviously we have all seen, especially if you have been around for a few years with Jerry, he isn't afraid to say his to any one person, or to any one group. I like that because it shows his unwavering confidence in not only what he has built with the individuals around him, but what he obviously see's what it is going to become still. In closing, Jerry has succeeded because he pays attention to detail, whether it was a mixture of his time in service and part of his personality, it's what has lead to the tremendous success of this community/organization with the amazing staff behind him who tirelessly support every aspect. Finally, when it really comes down to it, I am very happy I came back so I get to spend time with some new individuals, and get to know Jerry all over again. As always, Jerry Entertains me, Educates many, Dominates ALL. Take care, and talk to you soon!

    Call of Duty Console

    It's been mentioned before on here, you will have to search about it regarding MLG having it on the circuit and a few other elements. Welcome, and be sure to check out all the other forums and stickies we have. Make sure to introduce yourself as well in the specific section we have designated if you haven't already done so!

    An old face, but a new applicant

    I don't know, you seem like a night owl....you know what they say about those who stalk around at night

    Good gaming laptop?

    Only one around that price is like the G55?

    Get Buff

    Ok, I am not sure if you have read my posts before any of these but we can post pictures of what we look like, what we do daily? I am a sponsored triathlete and I can promise that what I eat and do daily has no impact on my overall health as I get bloodwork done regularly to ensure my bodily systems are running as they should. The way you are speaking, it sounds as if you are an expert with posting links, and yes, I put COMPLEX carbs in my ALMOND MILK that has GLUCOSE, SUCROSE, and FRUCTOSE that my body needs before a workout and WHEN I WAKE UP so I can perform better, and then guess what, the COMPLEX carbs break down SLOWER allowing me to continue to execute even longer. I mean, it says one of your interests in powerlifting? I promise you that you are FAR from get an invite like I did for the USA powerlifting team, if this is how you are going to act towards people then it's pretty sad, and I got one while I was graduating high school. You can read all you want, go on forums and read posts from people who think they know a lot, but I promise unless you train with the actual people who ARE world class athletes and the top nutrition experts, which is what I was surrounded by when I was younger, then you are really in the dark. Hell, I could give you a year and issue of Muscular Development and you would find my mom in there as a fitness competitor talking about me... Obviously I did something right and know what the hell I am doing, and yes I have a strong personality, which is just like someone else I know who started this wonderful place. It's probably why we got a long so well when I first came around 4 years ago. Have a great day and before you ask another question, take some weeks to read, train, maybe get sponsored, then we can talk. Any progress you have made I am obviously proud of because I will always back a powerlifter because Kevin Nee and I were always competing for the title for the strongest teen when I was in high school. Check him out, he went on to something else that I really didn't want to after HS. Take care, and I am officially done with this thread unless Plat has some questions.

    Get Buff

    I add a little blackstrap molasses to it, which is taken out during the heating process, and a few other additives if I don't have it like agave nectar which I forgot to mention because it was late. I looked back at the post and laughed, but it doesn't = fructose it actually is all three with a little vitamin A and other elements that survived the heating and other elements to make it. I just add some things to make it good, and this is for the morning right before a workout, ONLY. That's the only time I consume it. Carb cycling is something people can learn. It is useful.