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  1. Looking forward to watching the squad compete! Good luck fellas
  2. These chairs are awesome! I used one at WCG and they were amazing. Looking forward to working with DXRacer!!!
  3. This should be fun! Hope everyone can join me. And best of luck to everyone!!!
  4. Really looking forward to this. Ive heard great things about Aver Media products!
  5. Im liking this idea. Adds a different dynamic thats good for striving to be a better player.
  6. I should pick up Ghosts just for this! Looks awesome with a great prize.
  7. Ive only heard good things about Gunnars! Great stuff teaming up with them
  8. Really excited for this opportunity! Going to represent vVv and USA , hopefully bringing home some more silverware!
  9. Michs09 was such a tough opponent. I couldn't have asked for a better match up in the final! Glad I came out with the victory, but Michs09 def deserves a round of a applause.
  10. Excited for this opportunity. Michs09 and I will run things at WCG USA finals. China here we come!
  11. Got it on PC, waiting for it to come out on PS3 so I can download it on there. Xbox power cord is broken, so I can't play it on there atm. Looks great fun to play in my opinion.
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