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      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

      TeamSpeak 3 Guide
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      Server address: ts65.gameservers.com:9222
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  1. i M DOWN, And i m always for using those A players.
  2. I ve been in from the get go!~
  3. Glon Graduates from vVv Gaming

    Good Luck Glon! I know you will find a great team!~ EG would be lucky to have you. You are the defiantly the best streamer out there! I dont understand why you dont have 1000viewers every time your on. Every zerg that wants to get better should check out his stream. www.twitch.tv/vvvglon . He dominates some of the best competition on the N/A ladder and tells you how he does it as he plays. Dont change a thang!~ PoSeR
  4. my schedule is different week to week. So u pick the day and every other week i wont be able to make it t.t
  5. Reasons For Steping Down

    Totally understandable. You will be much missed <3. Just make sure to get on so we can get sum games in still
  6. mon/tuesdays work best for me. i own a bar so the weekends get pretty busy for me. Saturdays always hit or miss and Sundays i always work. mon/thur ;o
  7. I ll be at work, sundays dont work well for me
  8. vVv Aspire Roster Brackets

    i think best way is for every player in aspire to play a bo3 w/ each other. like a round robin. then the ppl w/ the best records are ranked higher. i know it ll take awhile to get a bo3 w/ each player but can do over a week or 2 week period .
  9. tvp game

    Is Tax the new Terran coach?
  10. Practice suggestion

    How is it taking a lot of time away from them? We only meet 2 days a week for a cpl hrs. Also terran doesnt even have a coach.
  11. I know as for our coach, he has a hard time being on at the same time as us. But I think it would help drastically if we had coaches that could make our practices. Getting practice games with each other does help to improve our game play. But if we had coaches watching as we played, It would be a huge boost to our improvement. Not sure if this is something that we can make happen, but I think that it is very important. vVvPoSeR
  12. When u seen 1 stalker/1zlot u built like 25 lings. I dont think thats a good investment. Cuz that could have been 12 drones. queen and like 4 lings will defend that. Also if ur going to go so ling heavy, u should really upgrade ur lings instead of ur roach. Get a safety spire, so if collo come out u can build corruptors. Ur going to need it to transition into brood/infestor anyway.