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My name is Christian, im a Christian and I was born on Christmas eve. That's so interesting right. Im married to the love of my life we met on xbox live in a clan on Halo. Yes we are one of the few success stories with her being 3000 miles away. We have a beautiful baby girl named Marceline (yes adventure time duh!) We own lots of cats. About video games, I have been competing in e-sports since 2004 with Halo earning a little over $2000+ in tournaments which isn't much but I am proud to have won something in video games. Im attempting to play CoD mostly cause of my friends but Im actually not bad at it. My current obsession is playing SMITE as well as doing graphics and video editing material for e sports. It is something I really want to make a career out of  :)

Thats it. Basic summary of my life that nobody probably cares to know haha.