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    NHL player
  • Birthday 01/02/1993

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    ed delesandro
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    United States, New Jersey
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    psn: nothing2prove
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    nhl 12, counterstrike, diablo 3, fifa 12
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    spaghetti, minestrone soup
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    the avengers, the dark knight
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    Whenever I am not gaming or busy with school work I am always hanging out with my friends and having a good time. I love to play golf and hockey and in general I just love sports.
  1. cant wait for this.
  2. I know the game isnt actually released yet but I got the early release and I am having a blast. Be sure to add me if you have ps3. psn is nothing2prove
  3. nothing2prove
  4. what bullet said. im assuming it will be available tomorrow.
  5. aww yeah im about to preorder since i was gonna get it anyway. thanks dude.
  6. id be down.
  7. ill be getting it as usual. blackops was played a lot by me when i was not playing nhl, mw3 not so much.
  8. non sec for once. usc!
  9. definitely recommend him. he just made my twitter background and did a great job! https://twitter.com/edelesandro
  10. i like watching the olympics. swimming is always something i watch but volleyball and water polo are up there too. lochte seems to be disappointing many after he won 1 event.
  11. surprising move since fighters seem to be on the rise.
  12. i think it has potential. i mean comeon COD sells more games than any other game.
  13. haha sounds good.
  14. yep did. i added both your accounts just accept on fri
  15. yep. its nothing2prove00. im online now if u wanna play a game. i added you on psn.