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      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
  • Birthday 02/04/1993

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  • Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/MCG_Odin
  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/icee.smith
  • Skype icee28

Profile Information

  • Full Name Tyler Smith
  • Gender Male
  • Location Chico
  • Alias Odin
  • Stream Link http://www.twitch.tv/tgnodin
  • Favorite Games League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • Favorite Foods 5-layer burritos
  • Favorite Movies V for Vendetta
  • Favorite Music everything
  • Interests My interests are in the community of esports, but on a personal basis I am an applications developer with Imadsolutions.com. I also do some gfx work, and i'm going to school for my master's degree in computer sciences.
  1. Wow really Low level tier touney YAY! I used to see these all over but they kinda faded away made me sad. But Glad someone kept it together.
  2. Elective Mode

    Wait.... That's awesome You just earn 20 awesome points for telling me about this. Thank you.
  3. Darius Ulti not Op at all

    He is Countered by riven It's pretty ugh to face her with Darius.I haven't Laned against Irelia yet So idk about that though.
  4. Darius Ulti not Op at all

    My own experience both playing and playing against darius All you have to do is Silence him and he's finished so I don't see why people are calling him op. I mean Yi's ulti has a reset cooldown on killing a enemy champ as well only thing is his makes him attack faster.
  5. Where are you going to be on the 15th?

    I'll be sitting at my computer already got the game dled on my computer now for it to be release BAH! I need this game right meow.
  6. My introduction. xD

    If I have any questions I defiantly will ask Thank you again for this opportunity.
  7. My introduction. xD

    Thank you XD Hope to be able to join the ranks and represent the vVv tag.
  8. My introduction. xD

    Hey GUYS.....!!!! I've never been good at really talking about myself as far as introduction but i'll give it a try... I'm and major gamer and I only play on PC but by no means play only one genre. I can play anything from League of Legends to Modern Warfare 3 to World of Warcraft. Though i've been focusing on League of Legends a lot lately trying to perfect my solo top and middle lane skills. I'm a very easy going type of person and have my funny moments as well. I'm also a very computer literate person i'm actually going to school for my master's degrees in Network and telecommunications as well as internet security Protocols. I'm currently one of the world famous broke college students doing what I can do to survive and Streaming and making videos came to interest. I worked for TGN for a couple of months in various positions of creating and leading their FPS channel to over six thousands subscribers and their RTS channel to over three thousand. Sadly the projects were cut and simplified *sad face* but life moves on and it's a great company I meet tons of great people most of which I still talk to. but I'm posting here and well applying here (later that is for possibly a spot on the LoL team) and thought I would give well a longer description then I thought. But I definatley looking forward to meeting some of the cool people here and moving on in the world of eSports. -----Tyler Smith (aka Odin. aka Kirixiz)
  9. If your Streaming your matches and they are really as awesome as your saying (if you streaming Link?) You can actually just select to have them uploaded straight from your stream to your youtube.
  10. New TSM "Brother" Team

    That's going to be a pretty deadly combination between the line-ups. I watch their streams on a pretty consistent basis and i'm very impressed from a competitive stand point as well as from a viewers stand point to see what they can really do.
  11. For Diablo 3 i'm ether going with Kirixiz, Odin, or Conflict and definitely making it a M - Monk.