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  • Full Name Albert Ervin
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  1. ?

    My cpu is realy laggy I had more stuff that would have made this make sense but it didnt type it ..... I forgot where i was going with this
  2. PP90M1,MP7,Ump45,Acr

    Arkain 1v1 me? or someone. G36 scavenger pro, Quickdraw pro and Dead silence.
  3. ?

    Why does nobody comment or post more? If you comment on somebody's post they will be more active too. vise versa
  4. Official CoD Council

    lol nvm .. It seems a little over the top for something new but never the less good luck.
  5. Official CoD Council

    anyone hear that? I think starcraft2 is calling your name.It wants you back
  6. Competitive Team

    Its Xclu5ive isnt it?
  7. To Prestige or not to prestige?

    For competitive gamers', Would you rather prestige and work your way back up or Stay the same and work on the guns you have? = Me personally I think that prestige just gives you "cooler" looking emblem stuff.
  8. Competitive Team

    I was the only the only player on the team that stayed to tell them Good game. Believe me I would never bad mouth a vVv member. I promise you it was not me I sent them all GG in a message and apologized for them just leaving it was not very sportsman like of them I was a shut out . but the other teamates on my team did not comunicate all they did was yell at everyone. Thats why I posted this . I was a last minute choice not because of my skill but because the head guy had his head up his butt. That was not me trash talking just to get that straight , I told them good game and asked about some vVv stuff . They were realy good.
  9. Black Ops <3

    Black opps = Awesomeness^2
  10. Mw3

    By the time thet fix all the bs in MW3 Blops 2 will be out .... anyone agree?
  11. Hey guys look at this ;)

    Robert B had some pretty good Ideas for the whole blops thing but he was not realy open to other ideas in some ways. Hes gone for the best
  12. Competitive Team

    Looking for a competitive team to join or people who want to make one with me . I do not look at K:D. I look at skill and teamwork skills . If you have any prev, MLG events or tourny play under your belt and intrested add me on xbox Knuckleball25 . Im also looking for comitment, If your not serious dont wast my time please.
  13. MW3 I HATE YOU

    With the semtex thing its very true. Wait till they spawn a find an area they crowd and throw it there. you will get alot of first bloods that way
  14. 1V1

    Ok cool. I have been having a civil debate with this kid in Graphic desighn how a real 1v1 is done. He said That only snipers are used in 1v1's. I said anything can be used. Nice to see feeedback.. lol