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  1. Valixie

    Guild Wars 2 Release Date Is "Imminent"

    Wishful thinking - we dont even know if the area content, 2 races or gear is even implemented yet. But - GW2 has been doing a great job of surprising me. Pessimism is easier then optimism for vid games...
  2. Valixie

    The Elementalist S/D Combo

    I used duel daggers and dagger/septre at one point and you can really push spike DPS. Its very ridiculous in PvE. PvP was a little different story...
  3. Valixie

    Games you play while you wait?

    I disagree ! Dont like bots/cheaters/hacks? don't play with them Problem solved !
  4. Valixie

    In case you couldn't attend the BWE2 Event

    Thanks for this ! I had RL stuff come up and couldnt fit ANY gw2 action in ! So bummed !!
  5. Valixie

    BWE #2 June 8th-10th

    Maybe you are the biggest threat XD
  6. Valixie

    GW2 IT all geared up and ready for this weekend :)

    I hear they are reworking engineer.
  7. Valixie

    Steelseries GW2 Products

    Hmm this is true.
  8. Valixie

    What is everyone playing?

    Im periodically playing D3 between school projects. I liked TERA alot - I really dont know why I stopped playing... EDIT: Oh .. have I mentioned that Im also a massive TV show enthusiast? Currently watching Big Brother 2006 AU version. Much different then US version (which is shit IMO). Plus the regular 5 tv series currently airing that I watch XD. True Blood soon !! Ramble..ramble...ramble...
  9. Valixie

    Steelseries GW2 Products

    Dude ! (and dudette!) - the fire dragon mousepad ... *drool*
  10. Valixie

    What happened to this game?

    Star Wars Galaxies was extreamly successful for many years. Win ! Wheres my cookie...
  11. Valixie


    Neah havent got around to that yet - RL keeps me occupied recently. Can you tell me the difference? ore mobs and harder to kill, im assuming?
  12. Valixie

    Diablo dead in inferno difficulty

    Nice work ! Haven't even tried the harder difficulties yet XD - taking my time!
  13. Valixie

    BWE #2 June 8th-10th

    Looking forward to trying out a few new classes and some PvP with ya'll !
  14. Valixie

    GW2 release date - 6/26/12

    D3 is working for me ..with a smattering of TERA.
  15. Valixie

    The PTT Mumble Issue

    Okay thanks- will do !!