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  1. MrWhoMrMan

    Diablo 3 Gamebattles

    http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/pc/diablo-iii/ Click this link above me for eternal life and free icecream
  2. MrWhoMrMan

    What do you think of the new RMAH?

    I think that items are too overpriced atm. But they will plummet after awhile, since most players dont need/ wont spend much for the really good gear.
  3. MrWhoMrMan

    Esport Article about D3

    Haha, I really appreciate it! XD
  4. MrWhoMrMan

    MrMan's Application

    @Spike, you have been pmed, plus I have both Skype and Mumble installed! @Sonic Thank you buddy
  5. MrWhoMrMan

    MrMan's Application

    I'll be a donor. My time is limited but I'd still like to contribute. I'll still be contributing what I can when it comes to the forums and staying active. I want to start streaming sometime, but til I get everything like I want it I'll be a donor.
  6. MrWhoMrMan

    Esport Article about D3

    I saw this article a couple weeks ago. The interview with Jay Wilson is in the article also. Please no haters let me dream . Basically it comes down to the community and how hyped up it gets to become an esport. If it's popular and blizzard sees a big competitive community they will do it. I'm sure they can figure out how to balance pvp over time after some trial and error.. It won't be perfect but there's always going to be those skills that are staples in a build, it's inevitable.... And when it comes to gear, if you can't farm or save up the money to get some godly gear then you shouldn't feel like you'd have a chance anyway. But anyways, enjoy http://www.team-dignitas.org/articles/blogs/Blog/1024/Diablo-3-eSport-Dare-to-Dream/
  7. MrWhoMrMan

    Diablo 3 Gamers moved to Community Gamer

    It will be or I'm quitting life.
  8. MrWhoMrMan

    KakarotKY's Diablo 3 Application

    good luck on the app man. add me, i have a 60 demon hunter, 44 barb, 40 something witch doctor. mrwhomrman@live.com
  9. MrWhoMrMan

    How a weapon's DPS is calculated

    Thanks man
  10. MrWhoMrMan

    MrMan's Application

    I won't be playing much at all this weekend because I promised my girl I'd stay off and actually spend more time with her LOL. that's sad on my part. But I'll be checking in on vVv forums and logging on to do auction house every now and then
  11. MrWhoMrMan

    MrMan's Application

    I have it working for my comp speakers now, but not my headset, ill figure it out later, atleast I have it working! But if I kill your ears or something I'm sorry, I'll have to do some trial and error with the speaker settings or whatever. How do I get on to talk to you or anyone from vVv?
  12. MrWhoMrMan

    The (skumbag) Blacksmith

    Yeah, I'm not too happy about it either, wasted gold i hope they start patching soon
  13. MrWhoMrMan

    Diablo 3 Launch Contest Extended

    I'd love to, but i've never been much of a writer. Can't wait to see everyones guides, good luck participants
  14. MrWhoMrMan

    vVv Dissension: Diablo 3 Community App

    Nice app and good luck on it, my email is mrwhomrman@live.com if you'd like to add me so we can play sometime
  15. MrWhoMrMan

    MrMan's Application

    Yeah that sounds like a plan