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  • Full Name John C Mitchell IV
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  • Favorite Games Diablo III
  • Favorite Foods Anything with lots of SUGAR
  • Favorite Movies Mary Poppins, Cheech & Chong Up in Smoke, Step Brothers, Alice in Wonderland
  • Favorite Music Skrillex, Datsik, Flux Pavilion, Excision, Dillon Francis, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic
  • Interests Diablo III, Graphic Design, Art in General, Electronic Music, Making Electronic Music, Winning, My New Son, Green, and vVv.
  1. Diablo 3 Gamebattles

    http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/pc/diablo-iii/ Click this link above me for eternal life and free icecream
  2. What do you think of the new RMAH?

    I think that items are too overpriced atm. But they will plummet after awhile, since most players dont need/ wont spend much for the really good gear.
  3. Esport Article about D3

    Haha, I really appreciate it! XD
  4. Esport Article about D3

    I saw this article a couple weeks ago. The interview with Jay Wilson is in the article also. Please no haters let me dream . Basically it comes down to the community and how hyped up it gets to become an esport. If it's popular and blizzard sees a big competitive community they will do it. I'm sure they can figure out how to balance pvp over time after some trial and error.. It won't be perfect but there's always going to be those skills that are staples in a build, it's inevitable.... And when it comes to gear, if you can't farm or save up the money to get some godly gear then you shouldn't feel like you'd have a chance anyway. But anyways, enjoy http://www.team-dignitas.org/articles/blogs/Blog/1024/Diablo-3-eSport-Dare-to-Dream/
  5. Diablo 3 Gamers moved to Community Gamer

    It will be or I'm quitting life.
  6. How a weapon's DPS is calculated

    Thanks man
  7. The (skumbag) Blacksmith

    Yeah, I'm not too happy about it either, wasted gold i hope they start patching soon
  8. Diablo 3 Launch Contest Extended

    I'd love to, but i've never been much of a writer. Can't wait to see everyones guides, good luck participants
  9. Where are you going to be on the 15th?

    ^ Everyone dies from D3 overdose
  10. DIABLO3 PvP Build Discussion

    Nah, there's plenty to discuss and think about. the only thing not for sure is the percentages which will be changed for pvp compared to pve. playing the game is for sure the most important part of course lol because we will see and experience what skills are the best. pvp will be changed im sure but we saw enough to theorycraft off of. and for team play, we have plenty to think about when it comes to combining moves from different characters to get the advantage. example: barbs ancient spear, and wizards slowtime/meteor/blizz. barb ancient spears while wiz is casting meteor on top of barb plus you can have a bunch of other spells from other classes stacked on the barb also to KO. I understand where you're coming from though. PVP won't be out for who knows how long and to get to max lvl we must focus on the stuff you mentioned. But my main focus is PVP (I know, i'm that pvp guy that jay wilson dislikes), but I'm keeping my ideas in mind for the future
  11. A recap of Diablo 1 and 2 in preparation for May 15th!

    are you personally planning on competiting in d3 for esports if it hits? or are you just going to manage teams and pve and pvp for fun? im just curious
  12. DIABLO3 PvP Build Discussion

    We should all share ideas for D3 PvP builds. I figure if we all shared maybe we would come across some good ideas we couldn't think about. How will certain skills from separate classes work together for combos/advantage? Use the skill calculator that blizzard provided and post up! I'll be adding some to the thread also http://us.battle.net...ZRXU!WfU!YcaZac Spirit Barrage - Single target damage, also follows enemies much like Hungering arrow from the Demon Hunter. It will be the main single target damage skill. The Phlebetomize rune helps with life since most of this build helps support mana regen so you can spam Spirit Barrage. Haunt - For constant DPS damage. The Draining Spirit Rune gives constant mana regen per second. Grasp of the Dead - AoE for kiting(slowing) enemy movement. It damages and slows enemies. the rune Unbreakable Grasp slows enemies to 80%. Cooldown is 8 seconds and the skill ends at 8 seconds so it will constantly be in the arena as long as you keep casting it. Staple in my book Hex - First off, it turns enemies into chickens making them completely useless. They also take 10% more damage, and I chose the Jink rune for 20% damage, because I would plan on dealing single target damage to them, and if your teammates are on the same page with you, they should attack him too to finish him off. Staple! 15 sec cooldown and your buddy stays on the map for 12sec. The Hedge Magic rune would also be good since it heals all allies periodically, but how long is periodically? hmmm... Horrify - Keeps enemies away, and as they run in fear they are useless in combat. Spirit Walk - Cannot be harmed at all for 2seconds and your physical body is still there while you are walking elsewhere on the map. I picked the rune Healing Journey for the 7% maximum health gain every second, since Only 1 other rune is helping me stay alive, and my passives do not. Pierce the Veil - 20% more damage, 30% more mana cost. The other passives help significantly with the mana costs Rush of Essence - Haunt, Horrify, Spirit Barrage, and Spirit Walk will all get 30% mana back over 10sec. Spirit Barrage will be my single target spam damage and since it gets mana back that will help tremendously. While my mana is gaining back increasingly fast, I'll never have to let it get to the top or mana will be wasted. So I can always be using up mana and expect a lot to come back Vision Quest - I'll constantly have GotD, Hex, Horrify, and Spirit Walk on cooldown with contribution to my mana regen from Rush of Essence too. This will dramatically help with mana regen and can help for Spirit Barrage spammage. ALL BUILDS POSTED WILL REALLY DEPEND ON WHAT YOUR TEAMMATES ARE USING SO THERE WILL BE MINOR TWEAKS IN ANY BUILD I POST DEPENDING ON THE TEAM
  13. A recap of Diablo 1 and 2 in preparation for May 15th!

    They could go on for 10 more diablos with the same repetitive shit and I would not care one bit
  14. No fucks given. #dedication

    Thank you, it's hard work but a blessing! But I'll be taking work off Tuesday so I can play all night and day. LOL
  15. No fucks given. #dedication

    I'm a crazy fuck, but having a baby and having to work holds some of the crazy and the fuck back unfortunately.