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      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

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    Guild Wars 2 - Zhuu.4159
    Diablo 3 - Zhuu #1613
    Smite - Zhuu
    LoL - Zhuuu

  1. Welcome to SMITE!

    Been playing this game like non-stop over the past few weeks as well, it's so much fun. Here are a couple more things: http://smite-gaming.com/ is also a community site. And you can check out my stream @ http://www.twitch.tv/xzhuu I've also been trying to stream everyday.
  2. LJ doesn't want people to be SPAMMING in General chat, no one likes that shit. What cwalk is doing is 100% fine imo; games are about 30min long and I'm assuming he only says it once So yea, if you guys are playing something other than GW2 that will allow you to do something like cwalk is doing, I say go for it.
  3. Practice for T1-T2 Play (BWE3)

    Catch me in WvWvW and get raped, ya'll ass.
  4. So what is Guild Wars 2?

  5. Guild Wars 2 Video Overlay for streaming.

    Looks good, nice addition. xD
  6. What's new in BWE3?

    At first I was going to be mad about the wipe, but then I realized I am already at end game for the Beta content. xD Keg Brawl should be fun though.
  7. GW2 PvP Testing

  8. New Login Design

  9. Brief Guild Wars 2 Meeting this Sunday 8pm

    I guess I'll come...
  10. Having a troubled time playing ANY other MMO

    I kinda felt that way playing WoW, not so much with TSW. I don't feel it at all with PSO2.
  11. Asura and Slyvari playable in final BWE!

    Didn't know the Asura were assholes, well I guess I fit right in! xD
  12. Asura and Slyvari playable in final BWE!

    People would be incredibly angry with ArenaNet if they didn't do this. It's almost like they were forced too..lol
  13. Asura and Slyvari playable in final BWE!

    That's just unfortunate. =[
  14. Convincing friends family etc.

    Oh yea, that's for Premium members only, so you have to purchase Curse Permium. Silly guys thinking Curse if giving out free GW2 beta keys. trololololol
  15. An official post: http://www.arena.net...a-weekend-event Massively reported it first: http://massively.joy...ld-wars-2-beta/ From ArenaNet Faceboook: http://i.imgur.com/6KBJF.png I really hope they give us a race change or some shit, cause I do NOT want to re-lvl to 35... =[ Ehh, but I will prolly make an Asura anyways...lol