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  1. PP90 and ACR are the best guns in the game. You can't choose a single gun. If you play with a team then gun choice depends on strats, your role, and the map. An ACR can sometimes be used as an SMG in gunfights, it just might make you move a little slower. Where as the PP90 could be used for getting a cut off aggressively.
  2. Yes, it is unfortunate how the CoD community acts. But it doesn't mean we should watch it float away into darkness. There may not be much we can do, but there is something. GB kids are the ones that think they deserve something. Top AM's believe that if you just keep pushing an grinding, you will get somewhere. CoD exploded in Europe. We just have to be patient and play our cards right in my opinion.
  3. I'm going to express my opinion on competitive CoD from an experience I had last night. For those of you who don't know me, I have strong views, and ideas relating to eSports, more importantly CoD. Sorry if I rant but here I go: Yesterday night I was playing doubles with vVv The Turtle having a good time preparing for a doubles tournament Friday. As we were playing a certain team, another player connected to the game an started interfering on both teams. So, I invited the player to our party. I ask him why he joined. He then for absolutely no reason starts insulting me and calling me a bad kid (which was the extent of his vocabulary). He then challenges me to a 1v1 radar and of course I accept. I proceed to beat him by quite a bit. He still continue to call me bad instead of trying to learn from his mistakes. Now that's what lead me up now to my points. • CoD isn't on the circuit this year so stop trying to act like you deserve something. You don't. Make a name for yourself on this game and focus on preparing for LAN in blops2. • GB doesn't mean anything at the moment. You win some games, congrats. Stop using it as a scapegoat that you deserve something. • Lose, learn, win. Don't call people who beat you bad. You lost, there's a reason for it. • Find a dedicated team that you can talk seriously with, grow as brothers, and succeed together. This isn't aimed for the more active people on this website. It is more aimed towards those people who dwell and lurk around this website thinking about wether they should get involved. Do it, because everyone starts somewhere. Thank you for your time. Feel free to give your thoughts below.
  4. Set up a BO9 tonight around 9:45 est? You guys have a stream? Lemme know! PS: I subbed <3
  5. Ok. I understand things happen and you are all individually skilled. Complications do occur with all teams. But, sure. I'd love to scrim again later this week or so. Just hit me up with time and dates. Frozty
  6. Ok. So I've waited far to long to give my opinion. I support this team to the fullest. But, they aren't necessarily the best team they seem to be made out to be. Now, don't get me wrong. They are great players and great individual players. But, every time we've scrimmed them, we have beat them fairly convincingly. So, I'm not calling anyone out, but these guys aren't "amazing" CoD players. HMU on XBL if you'd like to play sometime shadow.
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