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  1. vVv Team breakdowns

    Looking forward to seeing what I can do. Depending on the schedule Ill be looking at T2. Should be fun.
  2. Conquest PvP Map Overview

    That may be a great way to allow a player to maximize their potential. If we have a player capable of soloing one of the npcs, while also being a good contributor to team fights it may be a viable option to look at.
  3. Conquest PvP Map Overview

    Generally there will be specific builds that have an advantage for taking out the NPCs. The issue is trying to find a build that will be both good at soloing NPCs and running good interference. If a 2h warrior can consistently solo them it may be a good solo roaming character with its mobility and chasing power.
  4. Conquest PvP Map Overview

    I have seen some classes able to solo the boss npc. Engineer actually comes to mind. The only issue I see with this is that the classes that can solo it are not that amazing at zoning or fleeing if they get attacked. I think that the team that stays mobile as a group of 3 or more will have a huge advantage on this map. A 3/2 team split will work wonders. Thief and maybe ranger or mesmer would make a great 2 man where as the more aoe or defensive classes would do well as a 3 man.
  5. Conquest PvP Map Overview

    Guild Wars 2 PvP Map Guide 1: Table of Contents 2: Overview 3: Battle of Kyhlo Map Overview Objectives Competitive Strategy 4: Forest of Niflhel Map Overview Objectives Competitive Strateg 2: Overview PvP Game Types 8 v 8 “Hot Join” These game can be accessed through the server browser in “The Mists.” Accessible to anyone who wishes to PvP, they are the base level of conquest pvp in GW2. Played on “Capture and Hold” style maps, these games can be joined by the player mid match and can be left at any time. Generally this will be the casual side of PvP, a place for you and your friends to get your feet wet while feeling out your class or builds. 5 v 5 Structured Team These games will be accessible through a separate browser that will require 5 people to queue up for pvp together. Played on the same maps as the “Hot Join” games, the teams with the higher level of coordination and skill will have clear advantages. Team matches will be the primary focus of most guilds, and A-Net has stated that they intend on implementing a server based tournament system to allow the best teams to compete against each other. W v W v W Played on a series of 4 huge open world maps, this PvP type pitts three servers against each other over the course of a two week ongoing battle. Unlike the Conquest style of PvP, this will use your PvE Character's progression to determine your Skills and Traits, However your stats will be elevated to the equivalent of a level 80. Each server will have a “Home Map” where their players spawn, and control the structures there. Each server must gather resources to build siege equipment to assault the other servers with. At the end of the two week period the servers with the most points across all of the game will be pitted against each other. 3: Battle of Kyhlo Map Overview This is a Conquest style map with three capture and hold points. The unique features of this map include a trebuchet, destructible terrain, and a distinct vertical element that makes the playstyle on it about rapid mobility and map awareness. Objectives Teams will gain points through both capturing and defending their control points as well as player kills. Because of the close quarters of this map, having someone to man the trebuchet can be a very important aspect in gaining an advantage. With the trebuchet you can change the dynamic of the playing field due to the destructible terrain giving players different access routes to each objective. Competitive Strategy In this map, mobility is king. Because of the close quarters and vertical aspect, Blinks and Stealth are both very powerful tools to gain access to the central point. AoE is also very effective if you can catch several people in a hallway or ramp, causing significant damage to everyone within the radius. This particular tactic is fantastic for defending the lower level of the Clocktower. Your tankier characters can also help in this map by defending the outer points and trebuchet. These three points are the only really open areas on the map and are ideal locations to position your Engineers, Guardians and Necros. Trebuchet control is another important aspect in this map. Due to the extremely high damage that this can lay down, between 10,000 and 12,000 per shot to anyone in a large aoe, having someone to man this weapon is critical to a good teams success. Almost as critical, is having someone on your team to harass the player manning the opposing teams trebuchet. Generally you will want a high burst damage character in this role. I have found Mesmers do this very well because they do extremely high DPS to the trebuchet itself, after they have defeated the player manning it. 4: Forest of Niflhel Map Overview The second Conquest style map, this also sports three capture points. This map is unique because it has much larger open areas and wide corridors with very little vertical space. In addition to the more traditional layout, Forest of Niflhel features two boss style NPCs that, when killed, grant the slaying team a significant point boost and stat buff. Objectives As with Kyhlo, your team will accrue points based on the number of captured positions as well as player kills. The team that slays either of the two NPCs that spawn will also gain 50 extra points. Controlling the NPCs as well as the main routes between points will be critical to the success of a good team on this map. Competitive Strategy Control of the large central area in this map will be key to success. The area just south of the keep is wide open with multiple routes leading into it from all directions. This area will be a critical battleground for large team skirmishes, and maintaining dominance of it will grant easy access to the Two NPCs as well as the central control position. Because of the amount of points that they grant, prioritizing the Boss NPCs will also be very beneficial. On this map it is possible to only hold one point for the majority of the game as long as you maintain control of the NPCs. Keeping spawn timers on the Neutral Bosses will also ensure you can gain the maximum amount of points from them. Due to the wide open areas on this map, team fighting will play a much more integral role. Having a good mix of offensive and defensive players with plenty of CC will allow a team to dominate the center of the map. Defence of the outer points is much easier if you control the center due of the long routes that the opposing team will have to take to traverse the map. This also gives the added benefit of having control of at least one NPC. If you are attacking the center point remember that a team can easily be ambushed as they are attacking a NPC Boss. The Neutrals hit extremely hard and can easily kill a few people if they are CC'd or bursted down by a player. You can use this time to swiftly attack the weakened NPC to steal the points or use the confusion to assault an opposing control point.
  6. Lol, well turns out I can use the post he made instead of wormholes... Who knew?
  7. Guild Wars 2 FAN SITE LISTING!

    Double post... I'm on a mobile.
  8. Guild Wars 2 FAN SITE LISTING!

    Ok, ill edit stuff tonight.
  9. Guild Wars 2 FAN SITE LISTING!

    Ok buddy I got quite a few done. Ill post all of them with links to the threads. 8 in all tonight, I'll get back to work on it tomorrow. Crossing Tyria - http://crossingtyria...cate.-Dominate. Guild Wars 2 Guide - http://www.gw2-guide...hp?thread_id=67 Guild Wars 2 Camp - http://www.gw2camp.c...a69a34f49e785b2 Guild Wars 2 Forum - http://www.guildwars...33152#post33152 Guild Wars 2 Headquarters - http://www.gw2hq.com...=2515#post_2515 Guild Wars 2 Journal - http://www.guildwars...ucate-dominate/ Guild Wars 2 PC - http://guildwars2pc....p=2749#post2749
  10. Hey vVv Community!

    Evening Wake, as an applicant myself let me say you will love it here. Take some time to browse the forums and get to know everybody. If you have any questions let me know. If I can't answer them I can point you in the right direction.
  11. @Corza Awesome man thanks. @Talon Hey if you get a chance send me a link to the page with all the fansites we are canvassing for recruitment. I'll start running those posts for ya.
  12. We just need to stop being on opposite teams. Then will you share the windmill?
  13. vVv Talon Guild Wars 2 First Open Beta Thief PvP

    Really? That's kinda strange...
  14. vVv Talon Guild Wars 2 First Open Beta Thief PvP

    I disagree here cwalk and here is why. While a ranger can kite a rogue effectively if talented correctly, you have to ask the question, why is the rogue chasing the ranger in the first place? As a rogue in a constructed PVP environment your job will be to engage and disengage quickly. The longer a fight drags on the worse off you are. Therefore if you are chasing a ranger talented for kiting you should probably stop and find a better thing to do with your time. You have to remember this is not a 1v1 game and kills are not all that important.