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  1. Thank you all for the support. Hopefully there will be more to come. Hopefully?
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ROQegmt-eMI&feature=youtu.be Hope you enjoy!!
  3. MikEvil

    No Internet

    I will bemail offline for the near future. I hope you all the best for now and I will see you later. Sorry it should say " be ".
  4. MikEvil

    PermitedSHOTZ Application

    Welcome!! your application looks pretty good, but you should change the color of your answers. Good luck on your app!
  5. MikEvil

    UMG Dallas Coverage

    Great job on the coverage of the tournament!!!
  6. MikEvil

    COD's New Manager!

    Nice to see the change and we know you will do a great job @vVvBEasy!!!
  7. MikEvil

    Looking for Hearthstone players

  8. MikEvil

    Hearthstone roll call!

    I'm getting back into it, but I keep getting my ass kicked! vVvMikevil#1341 is my battle tag.
  9. MikEvil

    Call of Duty Application

    Good luck on your application. Looks like you have been here awhile so that's good! Make sure to stay active, and for some reason I couldn't find you on XBL.
  10. MikEvil

    Taylor Hiatts application

    Welcome and good luck on your application!! HMU if you want to game some time!
  11. MikEvil

    Heynous Application

    Welcome back and your application looks great. HMU sometime if you want to play! Also do you still play soccer and how many years did you play?
  12. MikEvil

    Coward's Re-Applying Guize!

    Welcome back and great to have you and good luck on your app!!
  13. MikEvil

    Boever CoD application

    Your app looks great!! make sure to stay active and if you want to play just HMU.
  14. MikEvil

    I wanne be in vVv :D

    Nice app!! Good luck and make sure to stay active!!