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  1. My friends and I are chest running in Act II Inferno. You don't need to have good gear, you can do 3 dps for all I care. The name of the game is dodge all the monsters and get to the chest. With 4 people we find about 1 resplended chest per every 5 minutes. add me: jamesjungwooha@gmail.com
  2. Smile

    My Diablo III Tribute video.

    Not a contest entry
  3. WUT IS THIS NEW INTERFACE. I don't know anything that's going on anymore because of Diablo III.
  4. Smile

    Playing some D3 Hit Me Up!

  5. I like it because getting an observer out before my 2 base Immortal all-in so I can transition to 7 gate blink all-in if I scout mass mutas.
  6. As a Protoss, I'm required to dislike.
  7. OKHERESTHEPLAN My goal is to make it out of the open brackets and win a match on the main stage in MLG 2-0. My dream is this: after I get on stage, I cheese twice and go 2-0. Then I toss my mice into the crowd (I'll need to bring a second one) and do this: .
  8. Smile

    Blizzard announces details on making REAL MONEY!

    Diablo 3 is supposed to have some design to "prevent" grinding and has much more anti-outside-software-program than Diablo 2. Risk of spams bots are less in Diablo 3 than in Diablo 2. Blizzard knows that they are fucked if a bot goes on the loose after they implement a real money system. Also, selling items for money existed in Diablo 2 also but not through a Blizzard-regulated medium; ergo, it was a laissez faire. This system of selling items for real money in a highly regulated market will not cause a breakdown in Diablo 3 since it will be much more stable than the one of Diablo 2. Although the amount of people participating will increase, I believe that this will not cause any trouble. Their taking money to set up this "auction house" will prevent second parties from adding on even more money to the price of items. Blizzard wanting a portion of the profits, it is greedy, I dislike it, and I want it gone. However, if they managed to make a good game for me, and I am not required to use the system, I am good with it. TL:DR: It is fair because second party sites would have added on more money for profits anyways.
  9. Seems great! Really informative. What program did you use? I want to do this too next time.
  10. Smile

    Dominus RIP

    I thought a vVv member died for a second ._.
  11. I guess I am living off of living off of canned tuna, cream cheese, peanut butter, and water for next couple weeks.
  12. Smile

    Best Cereal Evaaaaaaaaa

    Raisin Bran, CTC, Captain Crunch. Can't pick one D:
  13. As a guy I wish that it's socially acceptable to wear leggings during the winter time because it's probably really warm.
  14. Smile

    Insult The Person Above You

    Nobody loves you because of your trololocity.