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  1. It kinda breaks the shape of the "bird." It's grabbing too much attention over the other two v's.
  2. Yea, I'm still trying out...btw your comment reminded me of this lol. Watch first vid, then second.
  3. I made a few design concepts. They are not finished, they need work. I just wanted to put together some ideas to see if there is any momentum to change the shield design on to something else. The left side is the logotype and the right side just the logo. For example, the logotype is what would go on the forums and other places where the whole name of vVv Gaming needs to be shown. The logo is the symbol that represents us and is usually used on apparel and other areas where the logotype is not the best to use. Again, these are not finished, just concepts that we can use develop ideas.
  4. There will be a flat version for gear. It's a lot easier, cheaper and looks a lot better on shirts.
  5. For depth, otherwise it's just plain flat. Not that there is anything wrong with flat either, just a different approach to the design.
  6. Is this about what you had in mind? Or with a gradient:
  7. This works. The differences are minor from the base design, but it improves the overall design by a lot.
  8. Had some free time and put this together real quick using the same shield design and slight variant design of the "vVv Bird." It's a mix between the round old logo and shield concept. The design has a heavy tactical emblem feel, while keeping the shield as it's main point of focus. It uses the same typeface so the logo is a lot more familiar, just like an old friend you haven't seen in a while that you still recognize :] I'm ok to hand over the illustrator file if you guys want to grab anything from this. This alternate version is my favorite. I just had to.
  9. If you want to go with this design then the typeface needs to improve. It has no hierarchy or visual appeal. Play with font weights and make specific text stand out. I like the "vVv bird" concept, but it needs a lot of work to make it the point of focus on the design since it's right in the middle of everything. Play with the distance between bars, bar thickness and the shape of how the bars end. I like the use of shadows to show depth on the bottom banner, but it doesn't work well on the right side of the shield. It looks likes an afterthought of attempting to make the shield have some form of generic depth without adding any other visual value to the design. Overall this design is the start of something that needs a lot more work on the layout, visual elements and polish. It is not entirely finished as is. What do you want the new logo to achieve? I hope you find this constructive, let me know if you need help.
  10. I played the beta and wasn't impressed much with enemy Ai, bullet sponges and overpowered turrets 😕 The game looks great other than those issues main and it was enjoyable to some degree.
  11. Oh man. I haven't been around much, but I do still play games here and there. It's awesome to see vVv coming back around. Where am I at today? I am a graphic designer for a high tech direct marketing service. It's an awesome job with a great team that reminds me much of when I was a staff member here in vVv. I've won an ADDY award for a custom design piece I created for one of our clients. I still find it weird when I get introduced to visitors as an award winning designer at work. #humblebrag Do I still Game? Definitely. I just picked up APEX and been doing some Dota AutoChess on the side. I'm patiently waiting on Star Citizen...and on The Division 2 to be released. What platform do I mainly play on now? PC and Switch. What do I do for work? I create seasonal postcard content, marketing design, Premedia and online template automation. Did your time in vVv affect where you are at today? If so, then how? Probably? I never asked my boss if it did affect his decision or not. Let me know if anyone wants to play APEX on PC. My tag is Pherzhgul on Origin.
  12. My body is ready Me, my gf, my bro (Starman) and his gf.
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