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  1. vVv Pherzghul

    PAX South - Are you coming?

    My body is ready Me, my gf, my bro (Starman) and his gf.
  2. vVv Pherzghul

    vVv Bagzli as new President of vVv gaming

    Ready to go! Hyped for PAX South
  3. vVv Pherzghul

    Overwatch Launches Today!

    Release date is TODAY! I will be around TS to get some games going Check out the image below to see when servers open at your time zone.
  4. vVv Pherzghul

    PAX South 2017 - Jan 27-29

    Wooo! I will come with a nice bottle of tequila
  5. vVv Pherzghul

    PAX South 2017 - Jan 27-29

    PAX tickets are now on sale! Get your 3 day pass before they run out http://south.paxsite.com/ People attending: vVv Pherzghul and Anni Starman (Pherz's brother) and his gf vVv Bagzli and his friend vVv Saturn vVv Medusa
  6. vVv Pherzghul

    So who played in the beta?

    I had wayyy too much fun with it. Can't wait until it's released
  7. vVv Pherzghul

    The Doomhammer Inn in Cyprus

    The place looks awesome, but the fisheye lens is horrible if you want to showcase the house. Anyway, I never go to visit you guys in LA, so I guess I'll just have to fly further away >.>
  8. vVv Pherzghul

    Overwatch Open Beta Coming to PC, PS4™, and Xbox One

    That's dedication right there! >.>
  9. vVv Pherzghul

    Street Fighter V - Steam

    Who else picked this up? I'm not that great yet, my combo skill is lacking. I managed to get into bronze yesterday, not that difficult with basic game skills.
  10. vVv Pherzghul

    Why you should play Star Citizen and why I play it!

    I will probably be playing this. Just waiting it out to see how it comes along before I put some money into it.
  11. vVv Pherzghul

    Overwatch Open Beta Coming to PC, PS4™, and Xbox One

    I thought I would like Genji and Hanzo, but ended up playing Reaper and Pharah when I was able to play. Offense is too fun.
  12. vVv Pherzghul

    Overwatch Open Beta Coming to PC, PS4™, and Xbox One

    Same here, I signed up for opt-in beta and pre purchased on announcement too.... still no invite :<
  13. vVv Pherzghul


    Best way to find solutions to errors is to google it with "Solved" in the search box. This is what I found. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-update/dpc-watchdog-violation-windows-8-solved/8ce8fa54-9e1b-4b57-98b2-4dbb2a25864e?auth=1
  14. vVv Pherzghul

    ShellShock Live

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/326460/ Anyone else try this game yet? It's just like old school Scorched Earth...but better. I can see this being a fun night and drinks game ;D