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  1. Thiudorcus

    Never heard of vVv before, hi everyone.

    Hey welcome buddy
  2. Thiudorcus

    Speedy Terrorist in the mix! :D

    Hey, im speedy terorrist im from eu but imainly paly legue of legedns pn the NA server with friends, i range myself about 1400-1550 elo as i tend to fall up on down I live in the republic of ireland so i have one of them accents lol well anyway its nice ot meet everyone and if someone is up for a game sometime add me IGN speedy terrorist for league of legends!
  3. Thiudorcus

    MLG 2012 [ MW3 ]

    Im really looking forward to this i have been watching a good few mw3 streams on justin.tv and they look pretty legit