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  1. How long have you been playing competitively? - I have been playing about 3 years competitively since Modern Wafare 2. If you are attending a LAN event, please detail your travel plans here (flight info, car info, train info, bus info, etc) - We go by bus to all portuguese lans. How many hours during the week do you devote to gaming? How many of those hours are for the game for which you are applying? - We play around 40hours by week and all of that hours we play Modern Warfare 3. Scrims, GB's and tournaments. Have you attended any national events? (MLG, CPL, WCG?) - No. Not yet. Are you shy around people you don't know? - Defenitely no. I speak to everyone. Link us to some of your best personal achievements. - 2nd place at XL PARTY FIL 2011 - 3rd place at XL PARTY ZMAR 2012 - 4th place at MLG Doubles EU ladder in CoD:BO - 5th place at MLG Team EU ladder in CoD:BO - 3rd place at LG3DARENA Lan - 1st place at UPLAYREAL Promod cup What was your biggest loss or disappointment in gaming? Why did you lose that match? - My ''choke'' at last lan influenciate us to place at 3rd in XL PARTY ZMAR. How can you PERSONALLY benefit vVv Gaming? - We can won many tournments with the name vVv Gaming, promote the team and get many achievements in Nacional and International tournments. Link to all social media sites used.(Twitter/Facebook/youtube channel) - www.youtube.com/xxrambinixx - www.twitter.com/iramboo