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    Ted Purchase
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    gw2, wow, rift, swtor
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    I am a big cook and I like a plethora of different foods
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    anything that is good no matter what genre, but mostly stupid comedys
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    mc chris, tupac, I listen to almost every genre of music my varity is rediculous
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    games, camping, fishing, bars, brewing, cooking.
    I love to get out and play I live in portland oregon which is one of the coolest city's in the world, tons of amazing cool things to do here, awesome unique bars and restaurants, and I love how diverse it is here, I look at the city as a place to explore always looking for new cool things and spots.
  1. immobilize is a condition not a cc, any condition removal should take it off, same goes for fear, however knock downs and stuns are not conditions and will not be removed by a condition removal
  2. not all of us use 100 blades man But yeah one thing I learned while playing the 100 blades spec is never to just run towords a guy looking directly at me like an idiot and start the faceroll dance, Really need to use the bullrush+frenzy+100blades combo when target swapping or when someone is distracted. In 1v1 I often open up with the axe put up a little pressure on them wait for a couple rolls then bam take em out, it's all about getting them by suprise man you sure got owned by that troll there
  3. I don't think there fucking with the skills too hard mostly just the trait lines, all though on the pcgamer vid I noticed that the staff for necro was way different, but you think they would have talked about those things a little bit, my guess is that there are not too many changes like this other wise they would be posting them on there website and talking about how great they are. On that idk if it is a good idea to chill for a minute and wait for the spawn, seems like a smart team that knows your doing that will wait for you to engage the jungle mob then wipe you and steal the kill, after they already took keep.
  4. Only problem with your opening strat is that the 50 point mobs do not spawn right off the bat, you have time to take the keep then go back and hit them up, if you can get 2 positions and kill both of them then you got a huge advantage, If a warrior is specced properly he can take out the mobs solo and very fast, which can help keep the teams defense strong, when the mob on there side spawn send most if not all people defending the keep at that one wiping the opposing group that is taking it out and trying to ninja in the last hit to steal the credit, more dotz, more dotz, more dotz. With the credit for the 2 kills and 2 of the bases under your control the match is basically won, hard hitting ranged are best for defending the keep, a hard hitting 100 blades warrior will be able to take care of mine or henge, send help to them when needed, but a 100 blades spec warrior can be great for the high dps to take out people fast so the helpers can get back to chokes and keep. Of course like talon was noting it is not always best just to sit on bases like so, take some of your trickiest, dirtiest people and throw them in chokes to scout, harass, and act as a short stop moving between objectives, you want this to be classes with high mobility great escapes and cc, your thief's, longbow speed specced trap rangers, a well specced cc based rifle warrior, and mesmers, I would keep eles out of this due to survivability they really need to be your fat cannon in group fights, sitting back and beating the shit out of people, guardians and other high support meat and potatoes classes need to stay out, as well as necros due to there shitty mobility.
  5. Hey you named a build after me, must because it's a total badass