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  1. Brief Guild Wars 2 Meeting this Sunday 8pm

    Won't be attending. Have other stuff to do.
  2. Asura and Slyvari playable in final BWE!

    I was going to play Asura, but they're just so damn cute I don't think I'd be able to not sit there going D'AWWWWW the whole time. So Sylvari will probably end up being my main in the release.
  3. Tumblr drama over Tradechat, scorching heat in Canada, and I'm all out of bubblegum :(

    1. SleepyTigerz


      You're out of bubblegum? Shit just hit the fan ;p

  4. I may have gone crazy. (Possible world first)

    So you're doing an Ironman challenge (see: World of Warcraft: Ironman) on Diablo 3? Neat. I doubt Blizzard will check the game logs for you though, and if they do, they can't legally tell other players (nor will they release the information).
  5. Guild Meeting July 7th 2012 8pm CST

    To those who can't make it, that's fine. Keep in mind though, we will be having bi-weekly meetings going forward (starting with this one) and will determine a proper day / time that is agreeable to everyone. Most likely via a post on the forums.
  6. Hey all! I'm calling another meeting on the 7th at 8pm CST, I'm aware this is a Saturday, but due to prior engagements I may not be around Sunday. The primary focus of this meeting is to discuss content production going forward. If you feel you have something you wish to add that we should discuss, please reply to this thread OR PM me on the forums. You can also email it to me at corza@vvv-gaming.com Thanks.
  7. vVv Gaming Guild Wars 2 Q&A

  8. Guild Wars 2 Stress Test #2

    " We were very pleased with how our servers performed during our second Beta Weekend Event, but we want to gather additional data on how they operate under load before the next one. That’s where you come in. All players who have pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 are invited to participate in our upcoming stress test. This four-hour test event will run on Wednesday, June 27th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. PDT (GMT-7). We won’t wipe characters for this event, so if you played in our previous betas, you can pick up right where you left off. All we need you to do is log in and have fun—leave the stress to us!" Source
  9. Guild Wars 2 Community Townhall Meeting #3

    Due to the fact that I will be at work, I will look into assigning someone to be my proxy for this. Thanks Sleepy!
  10. vVv Gaming Guild Wars 2 Q&A

    Sunday it is!
  11. vVv Gaming Guild Wars 2 Q&A

    Would Sunday work better for everyone? I can do it then too, though I might be late as I'm going to a tournament that afternoon.
  12. vVv Gaming Guild Wars 2 Q&A

    I know a lot of applicants, and new members, probably have questions they want answers to in regards to what vVv is planning for GW2. Well I'm here to tell you: You're getting your chance this Sunday! I will be on Mumble from 8pm CST (9 EST) in the GW2 channel specifically to answer any and all questions you lovely applicants might have in regards to our GW2 division. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! This isn't just for applicants, this is also for vVv members AND potential applicants. Got a friend who's thinking about applying? Get them on mumble! See you all there!
  13. Pulled a muscle in my calf. Fuck.

    1. Valius


      L2S (learn to stretch) ;)

    2. Corza


      I pulled it while I was sleeping lol

    3. Valius


      What!? Guess we all learn something new everyday..

  14. GW2 Guild June 17th Meeting Recap

    When it comes to the guilds. We will not be allowing multiple guilds. If you're in vVv we assume you want to be with vVv, not Team Salamander. As for alliances, I'm still currently undecided on this. There will be a poll going up to determine our home city, expect it very soon (within the next day or two) and we'll figure it out as a team. When it comes to ganking, Jerry's rant was right on the dot. If you want to be in vVv, you have to remember that EVERYONE from T3 to T1 is a team. If you fuck with one of us, you better believe the rest of us will show up to make your life miserable and make sure you never fuck with us again. Recruitment is a primary concern, I want more quality applicants. We've gotten some amazing ones so far, and I love you all, let's keep that momentum up and keep getting quality players. There WILL be a dedicated WvW team, most likely included as part of T2 which is already open to everyone anyway, as for the leader we have yet to decide on it. I am open to hearing why you would think you'd be a good fit for the role, if you feel this is the case go ahead and PM or email me and we can discuss it. If no one steps up, we'll likely appoint someone we feel is quality and will be a benefit to the team.
  15. GW2 Guild June 17th Meeting Recap

    You beat me to it lol