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  1. RelentlessM


    I will always be around and always here to chat with. Shadow we can still work together on some stuff. your all great gamers
  2. RelentlessM


    Hey guys, Its been a great experience getting to know you all and working on few things. I've met so many great games and been part of a great team but its come to a point where i must part my way from vVv. My reasons for leaving are mostly personal but some to do with the fact that I'm more of a console gamer and base myself around CoD and so on. I hope to keep in contact with all of you and still play few games together. I've had an amazing time here and sorry that it's ending this way. Goodbye and good luck to you all. For the last time vVv RelentlessM ...... OUT!
  3. RelentlessM


    Welcome to vVv Gaming hope you enjoy ur stay and are active
  4. RelentlessM

    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome mate feel free to add me on xbox gt below in signiture
  5. RelentlessM

    Hey guys.

    Welcome mate
  6. RelentlessM

    Community Player Application-Britzel

  7. RelentlessM

    Hello there!

    Welcome to the forums mate
  8. RelentlessM

    The Winners of the Diablo 3 Contest!

    Cheers everyone and congratulation to both vVv Roxsick and vVv Corza
  9. RelentlessM

    vVv RelentlessM's Diablo 3 Video entry

    Hey guys i know its probs not the best video to be in the contest but me being a console gamer and giving some PC gaming a shot was well worth it to show that im not a one hit wonder with just consoles but i can expand and play PC games to. So here is my video entry that is up on youtube now and would love it if you guys could leave a like and if ur like me who plays more console games like GOW, Halo, CoD, BF3 then u will know that trying something new is worth leave a like for. Thanks, vVv RelentlessM
  10. RelentlessM

    Who will be playing?

    I dunno yet lool
  11. RelentlessM

    vVv Gaming Chop Chop List - May 2012

    To everyone who has been cut good luck in what ever you guys do in the future And to the console gamers who aint been cut yet or dunno whats gonna happen i guess its waiting time even for me at this point
  12. RelentlessM

    My introduction. xD

    Welcome to vVv mate
  13. RelentlessM

    Whats up vVv?

    Welcome to vVv Gaming mate be sure to post a lot and get to know all the gamer we are a welcoming caring bunch or gamer
  14. RelentlessM

    Evolution - Modern Warfare 3 Community Team Sponsorship Request (CoD)

    Good luck guys you deserve this great gamers and a great laugh
  15. RelentlessM

    Whats up everyone?

    Welcome to vVv mate if you need anything feel free to message me any time add me on skype and twitter all info on my profile