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  1. Nicht mehr Starcraft aye :'(

  2. gtg2wrk, h4ppy h4110w33n

  3. Yeah man, yea yea yaa yee haw yeah?

  4. moving soon :D can't wait to hook up the computers :)


  6. Liking the way things are turning up here on vVv. :)

  7. Got my stream stuff all set up, and getting good internet REALLY soon. I cannot wait :D

  8. DUDE over 1k profile views!!!! aha!

  9. Can't wait till I get better internet. Gonna stream so much <3

  10. Got my triple V's! hehehe yay c:

  11. Dude. Love is like a cannon rush...

  12. What a week. New desktop tower, and a new Macbook Air. :D

  13. i initially joined vVv to further my game skills. I now see that there is much more to it. and with that I am getting better as well. :)

  14. yo ho all hands hoist the colors high, yo ho theaves and beggers never shall we die

  15. gotta downgrade before I upgrade...

  16. Got my interview tomorrow! :D look forward to it

  17. Thanks SB for the knowledge, Sorry I said like so much xD

  18. Got a new idea for GFX, see If i can get it down opn paper tonight

  19. (V`-')>----[_] I got a hammer.

  20. Im thinking about using the blog... ehehehe

  21. 666 profile views. o_0

  22. Zephyrus

    Starcraft 2 in Schools

    UBC in Vancouver has a Starcraft club. lol pretty cool, though, interesting points for sure!
  23. Zephyrus

    Zombie Report 1 - Its in the news!

    IM gonna get really good with a bow and arrow and ant other random weapsons I can get ahold of.
  24. The only thing I need to improve in SC2; scounting.