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  1. Nicht mehr Starcraft aye :'(

  2. Zephyrus

    Voison's back.

    Hey man! Welcome back voi boy
  3. Zephyrus


    So much memories er ma ferrkin gerrd.
  4. Zephyrus

    Blame Rob For This Post

    Pretty sweet here, Jus sayin' vVv Welcomes thee, for you are welcome as much as we.
  5. Zephyrus

    Well, hi!

    Smex shop of Hasuu. Some kinda snake way dbz name or something LOL
  6. Zephyrus

    Activity Idea

    yehhhhh man this is a sweetness idea. that was the most frusterating thing with my app is the SC2 community was dwindling cause of league of legends. imma do throw downs in that chat e'rey day im on there
  7. Zephyrus

    2012-11-11 SC2 Town Hall Meeting Recap

    Definitly a good thing to be there. I missed this one as I wasnt prepared and fucekd up lol but im glad for the recap, and my apologies for the lack of presence at this meeting. GL Salv!
  8. vVvHasuu. Nuff said lol ^^ its not working for meh. idk clear da cookies and all that shennanigans?
  9. Zephyrus

    SC2 Application ~ Hushmodee

    Heyy, welcome to ze forums, mister! as everyone sad, stay active. get into the shout box when you can, and actually chat first hand with members from different groups as well, its a great community and everybody is awesome here. good luck with the app!
  10. Zephyrus

    Best albums ever released

    ummmm id say RHCP, Led Zepp's 4th untitled album, metallica never fails to impress either except st anger lol, Children of bodom's are you dead yet was really intense, and Nirvana's nevermind album skyrocketed the 90s rock scene as far as techno and stuff goes, "l'amour toujours" by Gigi d'agostino was way ahead of its time. hands down.
  11. Zephyrus

    Forums - Do people even read the other posts?

    Sugar Bear hates bees. I like to read most of them, I sometimes skim for the longer ones because they have a solid backup or are at least interesting alothgouhg one liners are pretty decent too usually
  12. Zephyrus

    Best Cereal Evaaaaaaaaa

    french toast crunch, or reese puffs:D
  13. Zephyrus


    fuuuuuuuuu A month later I see this :S OMFG THANKS!!!! youre great lol i gotta look in the off topic forum more lol its so wonderful <3
  14. What is your Starcraft name? PrismatkCORE or vVvZephyrus What is your real name? Justin F. W. Karps How long have you been playing any type of RTS games? I've only really played starcraft II and only a year How old are you? Just turned 19 What league are you in? I'm in Gold League, almost Platinum How many times a day and week do you play Starcraft. (Actually practicing and laddering) All I can, usually around at least 15 games of 1v1 a week, and more team games too What is the race that you play? (Cannot be random) I main Protoss, but I know terran decently and I'm terribad as zerg but would love to be better lol Why do you want to be in Aspire Team #2? I wanna join Aspire because it brings the starcraft community of vVv together. Everyone helps and teaches and backs everyone up as a team, and it just seems like a positive way to get better at a game wit hso much potential and fun. Do you know anyone that is in the Clan? Have you gotten invite by someone?(Referral) vVv Doomhammer suggested I look into it during my interview, but it was full up at the time for Protoss players What are you trying to achieve by joining this Team? I'm actually hoping to get to know the starcraft community of vVv the best I can, further my knowledge and power (xD) but mostly to play with the community. Will the maximum participation, teamwork, and effort be coming out of you in order to practice? I will always give my best and try to keep up, learn, and be a good member of vVv Aspire. Meaning be supportive, offer feedback as I can, and attend all the practices and meetings I can (and if not be responsible to communicate about it.) What days of the week can you play late and what days you can't?(What are your hours basically) I actually completely prefer late night starcrafting, because I'm near garenteed not doing anything lol but as long as I know ahead of time when the meetings and practices are it should be fine, I'm not overly picky What will be your contribution to the the team? Being of the lower league of the team, I'll likely be learning more than teaching, but I am pretty fun to play with, I'm social and can usually get conversations going and all that kinda stuff. I can communicate with other members, and I can practice with lower league players who apply as well. I'll do anything I can, and anything asked of me to my best credentials What would you like to do on the Aspire Team #2? (Coach, Player, Caster, or Updater) I'd like to be a player, but I'm not very good yet, but could potentially be an updater .
  15. Zephyrus

    HypErKiTTy ( aka KiZoGe ) Re application! Q(^.^Q)

    Yolo mang, lovin the aqua. GREAT color choice, you approve in my book for that simple choice xD gl with the app.
  16. I just logged on this morning, and apparently I'm not allowed to view member profiles, theres no chat box, and seach is not enabled. idk, did I miss something in the past few days or?
  17. gtg2wrk, h4ppy h4110w33n

  18. Zephyrus

    Zurachi's Resignation

    Well this sure is a shot through the heart. :'( Zurachi, I wish ye best of luck and regards on your path. You're highly respected and looked up to by me and im sure everyone else in the community. You've been great, and it was fun to watch you play and play with you a bit when I did! glhf, keep your stick on the ice and all that jazz.
  19. Zephyrus

    Huge Casting Opportunity

    Damn, that'd definitly be sick! I'm gonna go for it. My resume won't be very impressive, but eh, lol what'll it hurt right? worst case ontario I don't get it and Im sitting right where I am now lol
  20. Zephyrus

    Aspire Team #2

    I'd like to apply for this too! Im a protoss player!!
  21. Zephyrus

    fluffy -sc2

    Hey Hey sirr! Good luck with the app. If you ever want practice games, my accounts are warsaw.craft@gmail.com and zephyrus1023@gmail.com im a high gold player again, good luck! lol glhf xD
  22. Zephyrus


    ROFL Must be a cold going around the community, so much coughing
  23. Zephyrus

    PvP and PvT help mid Diamond

    vs T; 1 gate FE into 5 gate robo or HTs vs P; don't expo.