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  1. SleepyTigerz

    MMO Re-Application: Sleepy

    Sadly, serious real life issues arose literally days after I submitted my application, and I haven't been able to get on the internet, let alone play any video games at all. So unfortunately, I do not have the time I had wished to dedicate to vVv at the moment and will have to put my application on hold until this issue is resolved, which is hopefully soon so I can restart the process the join y'all again! However, right now it seems it will be awhile, so if a mod needs to close this until I need to reopen it later, feel free!
  2. SleepyTigerz

    MMO Re-Application: Sleepy

    I remember you too SugarBear!! I'm not the best Hearthstone player by FAR, but I'd be willing to help you with whatever you need! Also, leveling a character again in Wildstar is almost painful... So it might be awhile until I can actually join you guys!
  3. SleepyTigerz

    MMO Re-Application: Sleepy

    Thank you! And oh man, I haven't played GW2 in forever... However, I might have to to take you up on that Hearthstone match! Haha
  4. SleepyTigerz

    MMO Re-Application: Sleepy

    Thank you for the re-welcome haha! I had just finished the medals on all the adventures and the event that followed, and was getting ready to start trying for the dungeon medals! My favorite profession by far was the Engineer (If you dig through the forums enough you can even see I wrote an extensive guide on it months before the game actually launched ), but I also enjoyed playing the Guardian, Elementalist, and Mesmer a tad!
  5. SleepyTigerz

    Hearthstone roll call!

    I play Hearthstone a ton! Mostly as a Ramp druid deck, but I throw in Handlock and other druid decks every now and then. I have a few more cards I need in both Miracle Rouge and Control Warrior, so I hope to try out those soon. I haven't played that much this season, so I've only been hovering around rank 10 Battletag is Sleepy#1632 though!
  6. SleepyTigerz

    MMO Re-Application: Sleepy

    Name: Samantha (Sam) Bagwell Age: 16 (Hey look, I'm actually old enough now!) Location: Nashville, Tennessee Character Name(s): Sleepy (Alts named: Sam and Believe) What class are you playing? What class do you usually play? I main a Medic Heals, but I will also level up a Spellslinger and Esper as time goes on so I can cover the full healing spectrum How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? I merged the two questions together because I feel as though they are easily explained that way; I joined vVv Gaming over two years ago in preparation for the GW2 launch, but sadly fell out of sync with both the guild and the community as I grew tired of the game. Due to this, I haven't really talked with many of the vVv members for over a year, and it seems many of the people I knew before have since left. So, I'm not entirely sure who is still in vVv that I remember and who remember me. And, I suppose I refered myself, since this is a re-application. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? To put it simply, I really missed everyone in the community. I wasn't planning on joining vVv for Wildstar, and because of that already have a level 50 Exile Medic on the server Pago, but as time went on I realized how many amazing times I had being part of the community and how great it really was. I remember staying up for the launch of GW2 and chatting with all the fantastic people on Mumble until the wee hours of the morning. Now, I feel horrible for just fading into the background, losing my membership status for simple lack of activity, and I want to come back a better member of the community. I'm sorry that this is such a rant I suppose I'll give y'all a TLDR; I miss vVv and the amazing community that it was and is, and I will be completely re-leveling and re-attuning a character so I can get back that community I love so much. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Outside of gaming I'm a very, very busy person. Last year I was on the swim team for high school (But looking at my schedule for next year it doesn't seem like I can fit it in ), along with maaany other extracurricular activities (such as various Honors Societies, HOSA, science and math things, etc. Let's kust say it's a lot ) and the IB Program, which allows me to take as many college classes as I can manage and keeps me extremely busy. However, outside of school I enjoy helping my sister take care of our 6 horses and 5 mini-donkeys, as well as; fly airplanes and work towards my pilots license with my step-dad, work towards creating a non-profit with my best friend (though that is mostly in its planning stage and faaar from coming into fruition), and just general high school kid stuff like hanging out with friends, reading, watching movies, etc. I suppose! Do you have competitive tournament experience? Tournaments? No, I did do a lot of sPvP in GW2 with the guild, but that is nothing close to tournaments! Have you attended any national events? Sadly I have not, but it would be extremely fun to maybe one day cheer on vVv at various events! What do you hope to achieve, competitively? I hope to achieve not only what I did in vVv before such as writing guides and supporting the community as much as I could, but I hope to go beyond that and push myself to something greater. While with everything going on in school and life I can be very busy, I hope to be the best community member I can be during that time, whether it be raiding with the guild or doing some hardcore PvP. Heck, maybe I could become so good at PvP that I and guildies could start participating in tournaments ourselves, but that is a dream for the future I'm sorry that this is a sorta lengthy application and that I rant on in a few places, but I really did miss you guys and I hope I can join y'all yet again! I am away from home until the 30th of June, so I do not have my headset for Mumble at this time, but I'll be sure to hop on ASAP as soon as I get home! In the meantime, I'm gonna start leveling on new Dominion character on Pergo so I can begin to play with everyone (And do the attunement process over again, yuuuuck!). Thank you for taking the time to read through my application!
  7. SleepyTigerz

    Current level 90s?

    I know I'm not part of vVv anymore, but by the time WoD rolls around I should have 4 out of the 5 healers at level 90 (Working their way to 100; should go Druid->Monk->Shaman->Pally). Currently I have a level 90 Druid (Resto/Balance) and a 90 Monk (WW/MW). I don't plan on transferring them quite yet, but if y'all need any help at all with Flex raids, leveling up, etc., feel free to shoot me a message My Battlenet tag is Sleepy#1632 and my two 90 characters are Sleepy and Mikasa on Bleeding Hollow.
  8. SleepyTigerz

    League Play Team

    You might want to wait until you finish your application process to do that
  9. SleepyTigerz

    Glad to see a whole ton of new people

    Well if you really wanna meet some new people, I suggest hopping onto our mumble! It's a great way to hang out with the people of vVv Link -> http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/56080-how-to-set-up-mumble/
  10. SleepyTigerz

    Glad to see a whole ton of new people

    Looks to me that you're part of those tons of new people ;P Haha, but yes welcome new people! Always great to have more people be part of the vVv Community! :3
  11. SleepyTigerz

    What type of League content do you consume?

    I usually watch videos like "Don't feed..." since I'm still learning a lot about the game and all its champions, but I also like watching Stonewall008 since I'm really interested in jungling.
  12. SleepyTigerz

    Name Change Request

    Haha, you can't simply ask to have vVv in front of your username. You must go through the application process first
  13. SleepyTigerz

    The Elder Scrolls Online

    I hope this game turns out to be good *Fingers Crossed*
  14. SleepyTigerz

    Soldier of Fortune's Application

    You like Spirited Away? THATS IT! Let this guy in right now! Haha, nice to see some new applicants and it was nice talking to you durin the meeting as well. Welcome to the forums and best of luck on your application!
  15. Some cool stuff coming in the future! Can't wait