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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    Devon Williams
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    Florence, SC
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    xSilent SK
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    Gears of War 3, Modern Warfare 3 and Virtua Fighter 5
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    Pizza, cheeseburgers and macaroni & cheese
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    Blade Trilogy, Ninja Assassin and any and all Bruce Lee films
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    Phantogram, Ladytron, Thrice and MF DOOM
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    Making good hip-hop music. Playing Gears 3, VF5 and MW3. Sleeping, alot. Watching pro gameplays on YouTube. Did I mention that I make music?
  1. BlankOctober


    A working one.
  2. BlankOctober

    Shit you hate...

    Call of Duty Call of Duty Call of Duty Spring allergies Call of Duty Grab-spammers on fighting games
  3. BlankOctober

    Favorite Rapper

    MF Doom, hands down
  4. BlankOctober

    What movie do you want to see in 3D?

    Maybe a GOOD Resident Evil movie
  5. BlankOctober

    Introducing Myself,

    Welcome to vVv!
  6. BlankOctober

    R.I.P Dick Clark

    One word. Legend.
  7. BlankOctober

    Rap battle 5 million

    Meh, battles...
  8. BlankOctober

    Sniper Elite V2

    I might need to check this out
  9. BlankOctober

    Halo 4 Release Date announced!

    It's good to have the REAL Halo back!
  10. BlankOctober

    Gamer Debate: Best Live-Action Movie Adaptation Ever

    I would have to say Hitman. It completely made a legit claim for an A-list action movie, and not just a video game adaptation.
  11. BlankOctober

    An introduction of sorts

    Welcome to vVv! If only I had a good computer I would play GW2. Oh well...
  12. BlankOctober

    Sup, everyone! :D

    Welcome to the forums, man! Have fun!
  13. BlankOctober

    Guitar Hero REVIVED

    Yay! GH! My main reason to not play anothet COD game is back!
  14. BlankOctober

    MW3 getting weak?

    MW3 is utter garbage...
  15. BlankOctober

    Hi there!

    Welcome to the forums. Have fun!