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    I love to meet new people and discuss about things that we may have in common, if not, I try to learn new things from new people =)

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  1. yeah, haha, was just going to say that fluffy
  2. The Hyperion is actually Raynor's flagship, and Kerrigan made her peace with Jim because she knows that he tried to save her the whole time she was the Queen of Blades
  3. vVv NuBrGNi Appreciation Thread

    Freaking 3rd base overlord crapping, denier! We love you dude BECUZ WE HAV A DA ASIEN LUV, BIG BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!
  4. Btw...at the end of the clip 2:02, that is indeed a Battlecruiser crashing down onto that city. Possibly Mengsk's flagship?
  5. No no, I just said that so you know that I'll be there
  6. Happy Birthday Tuff!

    Happy birthday!
  7. #TerranProblems

    Just a little update
  8. Hey everyone! Just to let you guys know that I am going to be on a skiing trip from today (January 18th) to Sunday (January 20th)
  9. Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know that I am starting a (mini) series that involves problems that players of the Terran Race experience. These problems basically speak for themselves UPDATE 1/18/2013: Ok, so it looks like I have to redo EP.1 when I get back from my mini vacation because the game sound was TOO high =/ EP:1