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  1. Hello, My name is Corri Allen and I am contacting you in regards as to whether you would be interested in our team to represent your organisation. We are a Halo Reach team, consisting of Myself (Flameshy), Brightside, Valadan and Septic. Allow me tell you a little bit more about ourselves and why we would be fitted to represent your organisation. Outside of the game we are all students ranging in age from 17-19, we are group of dedicated and mature individuals who have been apart of organisations such as skitlite, Replika, Living Fire and Diabulas . We can ensure we remain active both on the game and socially amongst your community. You may be wondering what we can do to benefit you, well we aim to add value to your organisation through a variety of methods. - In terms of attitude, we can assure we bring, loyalty, dedication, a hard work ethic and commitment to become a successful team. - As briefly aforementioned, we can assure that we will remain socially active on your organisations forum and within your community. - We are looking to attend as many European events as possible, such as EGL, Reflex, iSeries, EGS and more and will be representing you as best as possible throughout. - We can assure you that we will give your organisation a respectable name amongst the Halo and e-Sports community. - We can also create content for your organisation whenever you want us to, for example interviews and gameplays. But how will we achieve all of these things? Well, apart from being long standing and well respected members of the HaloReachForum.eu community and the positive connotations that would be connected to your organisation by us representing you, we have a long list of previous achievements that show we are more than capable of representing you at the highest tier of competitive gaming. Here is a list of our previous achievements: Corri Allen (Flameshy) - 17 EGL 3 – 9th (4v4) EGL 4 – 7th (4v4) EGL 4 – Top 16 (FFA) Aled Williams (Brightside) – 19 EGL 3 – 6th (4v4) EGL 4 – 10th (4v4) Reflex GT 8 – 9th (4v4) Mark Ellis (Valadan) – 19 EGL 2 – 6th (4v4) EGL 4 – 10th (4v4) Reflex GT 8 – 9th (4v4) Rob Singleton (Septic) – 17 HRF FFA Finalist We are also seeded 8th at EGL Blackpool (April 7th – 8th) and our aspirations for this event is to place in the prize money section. (1st-3rd) I hope that you will take our application into consideration, and if you have any further questions or wish to talk to us about our application please feel free to add my skype: ‘Flameshy’ or contact me via email, which is flameshyhalo@hotmail.co.uk. Thank you for your time. Best Regards,