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  1. gratz on this partnership Gunnars are wonderful had them since 2011. I will be ordering their Outdoor Vinyl style Glasses since that 20% is in effect
  2. I'm proud of you guys already. win or lose represent vVv to the fullest it's great to finally see competitive SPvp picking up in Gw2. Og vVv.Valius "now Storm" you got what you wanted dude now kick some Arse.
  3. This news made my day. I'm happy to see a PvP team for vVv. Best of luck to you guys now I have a team to watch when the MistLeague competitions goes live.
  4. welcome to the community can't wait to tune into UMG, give em hell guys
  5. Dude thanks for this they sent me an email saying something similar. I knew something was fishy when they sent the email to my gmail and not my actual email account set-up with GW/Gw2. I swear I was close to sending the info the only thing that stopped me was not being able to locate the email with my serial code in it. I'm glad you brought this to the community attention and I'm glad this email came to me in the 1st place. It actually made me fire back up the GW2 and start playing a lil bit.
  6. I been looking for a keyboard and I found it I been waiting for them to get the Apex in stock. I will be making a purchase real soon.
  7. Welcome back guys glad to see our team representing again....Can't wait to watch streams of you guys give em hell Boys
  8. hey Val Welcome back bro it's good to see you again
  9. Flux In-Ear pro's Arriving today ;-)

  10. OMG That BF4 Trailer Gave Me The Sickest Chills

  11. Blizzard All-Stars for the Win.....Take that HON
  12. I'm excited for the FPS boom around the community and it's always a pleasure seeing COD and Shootmania Streams. Keep up the good work guys, can't wait to see what becomes of Dallas
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