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    Andrew Robert Thomas Quintero
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    Amarillo, Texas
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    xFrostx EvO
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    Pizza, Pasta, Hamburgers, All American food really ;x
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    Anything that isinit a chick flick and doesnt drag for an hr and a half
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    Modern Warfare 3, Starcraft II, Any games in general.
  1. Chris(Wuts Sharing) and I are working on trying to get 2 moabs same game from both of us to call it the BROAB series. Problem is getting the moabs lol.
  2. Good luck on your app!
  3. k, was just curious where it would be at to tune in
  4. Sounds cool, will the interview be on the vVv twitch channel?
  5. shadow already listed my name, but feel free to join us anytime, toss us a friend request!
  6. Thought it kept the D2 feel and expanded on it, was loads of fun and enjoyed the mass carnage
  7. good luck on app man
  8. good luck on app man
  9. good luck on app
  10. good luck on app man
  11. good luck
  12. goodluck
  13. goodluck
  14. good luck on app
  15. goodluck