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    Jordan Campbell
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    Call of duty series , FIFA , NHL , GOW series
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    Pizza , Subway , Sushi
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    Inception , Dark Knight , Goal 1,2&3
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    UFK , DJ Fresh , All dubstep
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    Competetive gaming , COD ,every sport , girlfriend , nights out with my friends , holidays with the family , my Ipad & Blackberry , vVv Live streams and exercising

About Me

Hi my name is Jordan , you may know me as "Swisher Sweets " or "Swishers JC" , I'm a very good CoD player with alot to offer , as well as a big time tweeter. I'm a down to earth guy who's not scared to share his opinion on something. I'm also friendly and outgoing, dont be shy to drop by and say hi!.

On an unrelevant topic , I live in canada , I'm 18 and Inlove with my Girlfriend. I plan to study Kinesiology at University.I played a super high level of soccer for 4-5 years ( provincial - National) and plan to take my talents to the university level now. So far I am loving this community here at vVv and have been super active , I do not regret ever applying!

#vVvGaming <3