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  1. Swisher Sweets

    Swisher Sweets Application

    thanks guys !
  2. Swisher Sweets

    Struc I tureS Application

    good luck bro !
  3. Swisher Sweets

    Hello everyone!

    heeelo ansd welcome !
  4. Swisher Sweets

    Critical Damage - Modern Warfare 3

    Good luck guys !
  5. Swisher Sweets

    An introduction of sorts

    welcome buddy feel free to ask me anything if you need it !
  6. Swisher Sweets


    Xtc is 100 percent right lol ^
  7. Swisher Sweets

    Jguin's Application

    welcome to vVv and good luck on the app !
  8. Swisher Sweets

    Vexils Application

    welcome to vVv and good luck on the app ! let me know if u need anything . Exapnd our community !
  9. Swisher Sweets

    Kaye's Dota 2 Application

    welcome to vVv hitn me up if you need anytyhing , and be active!
  10. Swisher Sweets

    Application - B A L L I N

    good luck on the app , and welcome to vVv , make sure to stay active
  11. Swisher Sweets

    ScarJordan's vVv Application

    Good! that's the right additude
  12. Swisher Sweets

    ScarJordan's vVv Application

    Welcome to vVv ! If you need anything hit me up:) and stay active!
  13. Swisher Sweets

    Team Wish (Icons oF Vanity) - League of Legends NA

    Good luck guys #vVvGaming
  14. Swisher Sweets

    Hi im new to vVv Gaming

    welcome to the greatest community ! if you need anything feel free to ask me
  15. Swisher Sweets


    I understand that but at the bottom line , The final decision isn't up to him .